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Letters to the Editor from Oct. 2-4, 2017

Submissions from Park Record readers

Trees will elevate quality of life in low-income neighborhoods


Thanks to two amazing grants from Patagonia and Utah FFSL, ReLEAF UTAH is now $20,000 closer to bringing 60 trees to low-income families on Salt Lake City’s west side this fall. By planting trees in parks and front yards, we will bring cleaner air, improved home values and more green to neighborhoods that need it most

But we still need your help before the snow flies. Planting all 60 trees this fall will take an additional $40,000. We know there’s a correlation between poor health and minimal tree coverage — a correlation that may even affect newborn babies’ birth weight.

Why should families in underserved zip codes have fewer trees? Remember: Trees are the answer! Please share this link. https://www.gofundme.com/healthytreeshealthypeople

Thank you!

Jason Barto, Executive Director

* * *

Andy, we’re going to win this!


One thing in common with the best leaders is that they all have passion. They have passion to lead, to help folks out and to give their all to get the job done. They have passion to get out of bed and go to work to fulfill campaign promises, passion to make Park City a leader and a model city in the fight against climate change, passion to find ways to get more affordable housing within city limits and passion to improve our transportation infrastructure

They also have passion to give time, energy and effort for something bigger than themselves, passion to think big, passion to think ahead, passion to keep the current momentum we have seen from the current council and mayor (we can’t afford to go back in time) and passion to live, work, and play in our backyard that we are all fortunate enough to call Park City.

Andy Beerman, you share all these passions. You have the most experience to be Mayor. You will make the perfect mayor.

Andy, we’re going to win this Mayoral Race.

And readers, please get your neighbors out to vote, attend a campaign event for Andy, and spread the word. Let’s make a difference in our community. Let’s make this a team effort.

Jackie and Bryn Carey
Park City

Thanks to Egyptian and Connect for ’Next to Normal’


I applaud the Egyptian Theater staff for bringing the recent play “Next To Normal’ to our community. The New York rock musical originated in 2008 and toured the U.S. a year later with over 700 performances. It was recently revived and how timely it is.

The story focuses on a mother who struggles with bipolar disorder and the effects of her illness on her family. The play also recognizes grief, suicide and drug abuse – vulnerabilities many of us as families fall victim to at some time or another.

While every mental illness case is different, the play captured the pain, fear and sadness that many of us experience behind closed doors as relatives to the victim, and the victim himself. The role of the psychiatrist, the desperation from loved ones wanting to improve the situation, the alienation of offspring or siblings due to incapacity, not lack of desire, of the victim to be a responsible and loving caretaker or spouse. How often do we understand what occurs behind closed doors in families? This play did a fine job of grasping these sensitive, destructive, stressful and tender moments.

Thank you to CONNECT, our community is now able to recognize the need for expanded mental health services. Every one of us knows someone who suffers from depression, autism, bipolar, personality disorder, addiction and more. It’s time now to recognize and reward our fellow community members with the gift of not stigmatizing them and instead including and welcoming them. They can’t help it. Genetics, brain chemistry or a traumatic event are often the reason for their mental illness. It is usually not their fault.

Randy and crew at Egyptian, thank you! Enhanced awareness helps to get us towards acceptance and understanding of all types of people. We are a community,

Mary Closser
Park City

Outgoing editor Nan Chalat Noaker will be missed

Dear Editor Nan,

Sometimes I see things differently…but not this time!

Thank you for being the excellent Editor of the Park Record! You have made so many positive impacts in Park City with your thoughtful Editorials; and your shepherding of our community newspaper through times that challenged other newspapers.

Congratulations on your graduation to retirement and good luck in your next chapters. It will be fun to see you around town enjoying yourself, instead of “having” to work.

Thank you,
Park City

Bill Humbert
Park City

Please vote for Andy Beerman for Mayor


This one’s important. Let’s get it right. I served with both candidates for Mayor when I was on County Commission/Council and Andy Beerman’s the better choice:

Andy knows the issues backwards and forwards. He reads, he does research, he asks good questions, he listens and he learns.

Andy’s young enough to resonate with our younger neighbors and wise enough to relate to our older, more experienced residents.

Andy’s equally comfortable in sports gear, blue jeans or a coat and tie.

Andy’s forthright and open, but he learns from hearing your wisdom.

Andy addresses the real issues and doesn’t rely on emotionalism.

When asked, Andy tells you what he believes and not what he thinks you want to hear.

Please register and please vote. This one’s about you.

Sally Elliott
Park City

Thanks for helping to keep Park City clean


Park City and Summit County are a little more clean thanks to two events last Saturday. The Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) event and a Community Clean-up event.

Thank you to the community for bringing us their hazardous materials at the Household Hazardous Waste event. By doing this, you are helping to keep hazardous materials out of our landfill, protecting our local watershed. The 2017 Spring and Fall HHW events would not be possible without the support of Park City Municipal Corporation, Summit County, Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation District, Recycle Utah and the Sunrise Rotary Club. Special thanks to the crew working the event from Sunrise Rotary, Summit County Sheriff, Summit County Landfill and Recycle Utah volunteers.

Additional thanks to David Nicholas, Brian Checksfield and Alexi Panos who organized a clean-up day with National Honors Society at the Winter Sports School on Saturday. The team of 25 volunteers picked up trash along Bonanza, Deer Valley Drive, 224 and near PCHS. Picking up trash keeps it out of our watershed, keeping the environment clean. The group filled 30 bags with trash and actually went through all the bags Recycle Utah supplied, exceeding our expectations – way to go!

Carolyn Wawra
Recycle Utah