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Letters to the editor, Jan. 10-12, 2018

Saving farm is a rare opportunity


When people say to me that there are two sides to the discussion of whether or not we should save the Osguthorpe farm on Old Ranch Road, I’m kind of surprised. From my point of view, most everyone wants to save the farm; we just have some different ideas about how to get there.

On December 9th, Bill White hosted an impactful event in support of the Summit Land Conservancy’s efforts to save the 158-acres that make the “Green Heart” of the Basin. Inspired by a young man who donated the entire contents of his piggy bank, the event was an amazing demonstration of this community’s generosity and open heartedness.

Thanks to Bill White and his team of talented professionals, a challenge grant from Jim and Susan Swartz, and a group of committed community members, the event raised $182,000. Every dime will help save the farm.

Saving land in the heart of our community is a major undertaking, as property in Park City is at a premium. But such rare opportunities should not be missed, just because they are challenging. Parkites have never been the type to back down from a challenge.

Support comes in many ways and sizes, and all of it matters. Thank you again to Bill White and Jim and Susan Swartz for their tremendous generosity in this effort and so many other Park City causes!

Here’s to a prosperous, healthy and happy 2018 to all!

Joe Cronley
Board president, Summit Land Conservancy

Reader proposes transportation fixes


As Park City part timers, who hope to be full time residents, we have been reading with interest the parking and traffic issues in the Record over the past year. Years ago when we rented at The Lodges in Deer Valley, we never had a rental car but used an airport shuttle and The Lodges’ shuttle or the public transport to go into town. Unfortunately, using public transport all the time is not realistic for many families.

We wound up getting a cabin out in Promontory in 2010 and there are only shuttles from there to ski resorts in winter and downtown only during

Sundance. We also have a golden retriever that we like to take with us, especially in summer downtown shopping, concerts, outdoor restaurants, etc.

Leaving the mountain in the afternoon, we often need to stop at The Market to pick up some special cheese from Darcy and Red Bicycle Bread so a mandated shuttle won’t work for people like us and ultimately will decrease spending downtown.

Personally I don’t mind paying a reasonable fee for parking in China Bridge, sheltered from snow and rain, but I would mind paying for outdoor parking at a ski resort when I am already paying $145 a day to ski. More creative solutions are needed than just banning private cars from entering the city. Perhaps partnering with businesses to give coupons to shuttle riders would help; say Deer Valley or Vail Resorts issue $10 coupons off the daily rate (no blackouts) to round trip shuttle riders. Or spend more than $50 on Main Street and you get a card for validated parking. How about a contest promoted by the Park Record among high school students and locals for more ideas to fix this problem?

We love Park City and we want to patronize local business; more creativity is needed, especially if Utah plans to host another Winter Olympics!

Mary Kaye Ashkenaze
Laguna Niguel, California

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