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Letters to the editor, Jan. 17-19, 2018

Employers need to step up to solve housing crisis


I put a house up for rental this week. I have had many inquiries from Deer Valley, Vail, Montage and other ski industry employees (many of whom are international a we know.) Many request to have several roommates. Now, what concerns me is many say they are living in hotels or in their cars; and, these workers say they will pay whatever it takes for a temporary rental. You hear stories about temporary workers living in hotels and paying whatever it takes to jam a bunch of people into a house. They are true and real. One only need look at the illegal boarding house incident of last year (at the former Colby School). I feel the bottom line is the Park City ski industry needs to house its hard working employees in a responsible and ethical way. Goodness knows the resorts charge plenty for a ski ticket or a hot cocoa. I always come away with a hole burning through my pocket. Maybe I am missing something so please educate me if so…

Phoebe Hailey
Park City

Trump’s immigration stance isn’t wrong


Get a Grip!

So he used a vulgar word. Not very becoming for the president, but I’m sure that we’ve all heard much worse, and on many occasions. So get over it and focus on the basic issue!

Why do so many people flee from so many countries in Central and South America and from Africa to places like the U.S. and western Europe? Because of crushing poverty, housing in cardboard shacks or worse, starvation, disease, poor sanitation, lack of clean water, minimal education, constant violence, governments that define corruption and greed, and yes, the pervasive smell of diesel fumes and human feces. That pretty well defines a “s*******” country” in my mind. So while I would have used a somewhat more refined word in a large gathering, the phrase used by the president is very descriptive. It is no wonder that so many people in those countries want better for their children and brave unimaginable hardships to reach a better future!

Does this mean that the people themselves who flee are despicable? By and large, no. But it does mean that perhaps we should place some requirements (and skin color is NOT one of them) on the people who enter our country. These might include numbers, criminal background, education and skills, health, ability and willingness to assimilate into our culture, and allegiance to our country over their place of birth. Millions of people want to come to America, and since we cannot accommodate everyone, a bit of selectivity does not seem unreasonable.

What are your criteria (other than the language used to describe their country of origin)?

Ken Miller
Park City

Institute plays a vital role in Park City


Over the span of only two consecutive weekends, right here in our small town, Mary Beth and I got to experience: hearing a woman describe how her actions caused what many describe as the beginning of internet bullying along with suggestions for stemming the rampant rise of it, watching a bunch of brave and smart high school students talk about life as a student in Park City in the 2010s and finally hearing at least half a dozen languages (I lost track!) sung by a unique and lively band. All this was possible because of the Park City Institute, which last night celebrated its 20th anniversary of performances at the George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Center for the Performing Arts. I’m continually impressed with the creativity and energy of Teri Orr, Moe Hickey and the incredibly hard working and dedicated staff of PCI, and I’m proud to be associated with the organization. Thank you to the Park City community for your continued support of one of the cornerstones of arts and culture in Park City. Here’s to 20 more!

Mark Maziarz
Park City Institute board

Traffic control after aerials event was poor


I was excited to go see the Freestyle Aerials on Friday night, only to have the evening end very badly. I am not sure who was responsible for traffic control, but there was NONE. The parking lots were full, so when the viewers got back into their cars to leave, it was the most terrible traffic jam I have ever witnessed coming out of a Deer Valley event.

My sister and I sat in my car on the street at Powder Run for 50 minutes and only went one car length. Drivers were jamming up traffic trying to get out of the parking lots making it all the worst. I finally called 911 and asked if Park City was going to send officers out to help with traffic, the dispatcher told me it would be dangerous having officers direct traffic at night! Hello, what do you think it was like for us trying to get out of this terrible mess? I have a feeling I was not the only person to call 911!

If it had not been for a gentleman in a funny hat who stepped in at the upper parking lot, alternating cars coming out of the lot with traffic already on the street we would probably have been there until midnight. I am not sure who was responsible for the traffic control at this event but if it was Deer Valley, I hope it was not the new companies way of saving money? It sure does not sound like something the previous owners would have allowed to happen.

It was sad to have a wonderful evening watching such a great event, end so badly.

Hopefully next year there will be lot attendants, sheriffs or Park City Police to manage the traffic. I finally reached Queen Ester Dr. 65 minutes after getting in my car.

Linda Sailer
Park City

Sundance changes aren’t friendly for Park City residents


What is the thinking behind Summit County residents having to CHOOSE between the 6pm, and the 9pm showings of the Best of Fest films this year?

In the past, it has been a “thank you” gift for putting up with the inconveniences i.e. traffic of the 10-day SFF by being able to enjoy TWO of the best films from the Festival at the Eccles Theatre on Monday, January 29th. Now, that benefit has been cut in half!

What happened at the Box Office pick-up event on Saturday, January 13, 2018 was extremely disappointing! The volunteers didn’t even have the information to tell us which category i.e. Dramatic or Documentary would be shown in which time slot.

Please provide an explanation of this change in policy for all to understand.

Karen Tafuri
Park City

Woodward approval is senseless


What we have witnessed by the Summit County Planning Commission and their approval of allowing Woodward Park City to be built, is basically a slap in the face to residents of Pinebrook, and the surrounding area. Clearly the commission’s members lack sensibility and foresight of the impact this will have on local residents, let alone the grazing habits of moose and other wildlife roaming the area.

How many of the Planning Commission’s members will be directly affected by this approval? Do any of the members live in the Pinebrook area where the noise of a chairlift will create a consistent hum? The current mountain bike and hiking trails in that area will now be reduced to dust, followed by concrete and more traffic.

It’s time these commission members be replaced, by those that actually care about Park City land preservation, and the residents that make up this once great area.

Andre Palai
Jeremy Ranch

Problems continue at China Bridge


Thank you to the Park Record for keeping residents informed on the fallout of the ill-advised decision by the City Council to make China Bridge a pay parking facility. As I understand it, the City has already incurred extensive repair costs for the facility due to vandalism. The bureaucratic solution to this problem will likely be to add more (expensive) monitoring equipment, and add police or administrative staff to better monitor violations (overtime pay?). The pay parking decision ostensibly was made to reduce the number of tourist vehicles driving into the downtown area. Anecdotal observation would suggest that this goal has failed miserably. This decision’s real effect has been to hurt the employees of Main Street businesses. I did notice that the parking lot adjacent to the City Hall building is conveniently (for city employees) free until 5:00 PM. Here is a constructive suggestion for our new Mayor. Since the employees of Main Street businesses are a “profit center” as they contribute to the tax base, and the city employees and city council members are a “cost center” in that they consume our tax dollars, and if the City still thinks the Prospector employee park and ride lot is such a good idea, I suggest that the Mayor lead from the front on this issue. Mr. Mayor, please mandate that all city employees and city council members will be required to park in the Prospector employee park and ride lot, and make the parking lot directly adjacent to the City Hall building a pay lot beginning at 8:00 AM in the morning, or alternatively, charge city employees $500 per month ($3.00 per hour times 8 hours per day times 21 workdays a month) to use that lot. I am sure that City employees would feel ill-used if this policy were enacted, yet this is exactly what you are doing to the hard-working, tax contributing (rather than tax consuming) employees.

Bob Chamberlain
Vice-chair, Summit County Republican Party

Rep. Bishop silent on Trump remarks


Unlike everyone else in the Utah congressional delegation, our elected representative Rob Bishop has been conspicuously quiet about President Trump’s remarks on immigration last week. Sen. Hatch sought a more “detailed explanation.” Sen. Lee called the comments “insulting and distracting.” Rep. Stewart called for “respect and dignity.” Rep. Curtis was “dismayed.” And of course, Rep. Love had the strongest words, calling the President a racist and calling for his apology.

Does Rep. Bishop not share the same respectful view of the world that all Utahns have? Does he prefer President Trump’s bullying, divisive form of leadership?

Larry Yang
Park City

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