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Letters to the Editor, March 30-April 2, 2016


Skier’s mom warns: Big Brother is listening


Park City Ski Area is now canceling passes for helping friends. When my daughter picked up her season pass for her first ski day of the season at PCMR she met up with friends and family of her best friend for skiing. She couldn’t figure out why her pass would not work when she had just picked it up — then she was pulled out of the lift line by a PCMR employee, accused of unauthorized ‘teaching’ on the hill and threatened with felony charges.

A 16-year-old former racer helping friends with skiing, just for fun, gets her pass cancelled and is threatened with felony charges? Apparently the PCMR employee was trying to eavesdrop on introductions and got it totally wrong — then proceeded to remotely cancel her pass, threaten her with felony charges, intimidate, and bully her — even though she had done nothing more egregious than meet friends and help them for free.

It was truly an Epic Day; no questions were ever asked and no apologies were given. The pass was just electronically cancelled from a distance based on erroneous speculation –conviction and penalties levied without any accurate information — just speculation. After the tearful explanations were given, the pass was finally reinstated — no apologies, just the repeated threat of charges if she ever coaches or teaches. Does that mean she can’t even help me and any conversation will now be monitored by overly empowered idiots?

What a wonderful way to impress teenagers and keep them involved in skiing! My whole family now wonders if our passes will get cancelled and charges filed — no questions asked — for something as terrible as offering pointers to friends or each other. The threats were effective; she has not skied since and does not want to ever set foot on that resort again.

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Margee Hayes

Park City

* * *

Local college-bound student appreciates community support


I am a 9th-grader currently attending Treasure Mountain Jr. High, and I had a great opportunity to go on a trip that I would not have been able to go to without the help of my school and without the help of one great organization and a truly amazing person. I want to write this letter to the newspaper so everyone knows how truly grateful I am.

I want to say thank you to the Park City Education Foundation for the donation to make the field trip to the University of Utah possible — and a big thank you to Kelly Thomas for her donation in order for my classmates and me to experience something great and to learn about the opportunities we have, and inform us on what we need in order to attend college.

We arrived to the campus early in the morning and attended a session about a speaker who was transgender. She talked about how she overcame the way other people saw her because it really didn’t matter as long as she was happy. At our next session we learned more about the college, and the courses it has to offer. I was very interested in learning about the financial aid and what was really needed in order to be able to go to the U. I already have my mind set on going to college and trying to get scholarships in order to accomplish my goal.

The third session was about racism and the things we can do as Latinos to overcome it or change the image some people may have about us.

The reason I decided to go on this trip was because I was already thinking about attending the University Of Utah. I had recently gone to New York as a reward from my parents for getting good grades. And, while I was in New York I went to a campus tour to

Columbia University. I didn’t know exactly what had to be done in order to attend college because my parents never attended college. I was also interested in what you had to do to get scholarships, and how to attend college when you did not have sufficient money to pay.

I felt very lucky to have such a great opportunity to learn something so valuable and important to me.

I want to thank those that made the trip possible and, to share my experience with everyone else on how great it is to have an opportunity to get to experience something so great such as college. It was something that I wouldn’t have been able to experience without the help of the donations; I am very thankful for this wonderful opportunity.

Sadie Ortiz

Park City

* * *


Congratulations are in order for Utah House Majority Leader Jim Dunnigan. This year he crafted agreeable Medicare expansion legislation that passed the Legislature after last year’s contentious disagreements between lawmakers led to absolutely nothing.

As a health insurance broker, I have seen firsthand how those who fall below the federal poverty level miss out on needed federal health insurance subsidies. It’s a tragedy that those living in Utah who need the assistance the most cannot qualify for it. I feel badly for these individuals. On the other hand, I totally understand why conservative legislators do not want to commit to expanding an entitlement program with an unknown price tag. These legislators support a mantra of requiring our State to live within its means, which in turn leads to a sound financial future for our State.

Thus the political conundrum, how do we show compassion for the unfortunate while finding a way to pay for it that won’t break the bank? Representative Dunnigan and his supporters deserve credit for finding a solution that address at least 16,000 of the poorest Utahns. It doesn’t cover everyone in the coverage gap, however, it’s a step in the right direction and one that is acceptable to political leaders, businesses and the community.

Craig Paulson

V.P., Utah Association of Health Underwriters

Read between the lines: pass process are going up


I wrote the following letter to Vail Corp at comments@vailresorts.com . I would suggest that if anyone feels the same way, you write to them also.

To whom it may concern.

I live in Park City and have been a PCMR passholder for over 25 years.

Recently I received an automatic renewal notice from Vail regarding the local Epic pass. I find it unethical that nowhere in the email was I notified that the Epic local pass price was increase. I found this out through the ticket office at Park City after I had already auto-renewed. This practice is insidious and underhanded. The price of the renewal should be completely spelled out.

Additionally, I went on line (http://www.snow.com/epic-pass/pass-finder.aspx) to find out what the daily ticket price would be at Park City. The daily ticket price for the 2016-2017 was listed at $175. This is outrageous. I have several friends that come to Park City to ski. The idea of paying $175/day for skiing is unacceptable. The Vail marketing department is pricing themselves right out of business. The local economy cannot sustain prices at this level. We have also seen a huge increase in food prices on the mountain; $13 for a "not so grilled" grilled cheese sandwich with pieces of bacon is an example.

Park City Ski Area worked hard to build a relationship with the Park City community. I was proud to call Park City Ski Resort my home area. I no longer can say that. Vail has turned Park City into a "squeeze every dime you can out of the customer" type of resort and it is disheartening. I happen to work for an airline and I very likely will not be promoting my old ski area as a recommendation for people to come and ski. I hope that you can do well on your marketing ploy of selling the ski area as the biggest area in the U.S. That will be your only calling card. It certainly won’t win points for being affordable.

Park City is not Vail. All we need is one bad economical year and the tourist dollars will dry up and you will have already lost the respect and loyalty of the local residents. I would ask that you reconsider the pricing structure that you seem to embrace with an increase every year. It is not sustainable.

Marianne Bicksler

Park City

* * *

Here are a few more leashrules to consider


The Park City City Council and Concerned Citizens

If the entire off leash rules are listed on the City website, then the City is missing some important rules that should be included. For instance:

1. Dogs in heat are not allowed in off leash areas.

2. Dogs known to be aggressive by Animal Control are required to be muzzled.

3. Dogs should be socialized with other dogs privately before entering any public off leash area.

4. Monitor small children in off leash areas (large dogs can view running children as prey).

5. Display visible means of picking up dog feces to demonstrate the importance of keeping the area clean.

6. No choke chains — to avoid the danger of another dog’s jaw caught in it when playing or fighting.

7. No dogs allowed under 4-months-old until fully vaccinated.

8. All dog handlers, and citizens who walk or bicycle, enter off leash areas at their own risk.

It’s up to the City to list fully thought-out rules/safety tips because some dog handlers are oblivious to the issues that will keep everyone safer.

Finally, the complete list of off leash rules and safety tips should be sent to the household of every registered dog.

Park City

Karen R. Brooks

Park City

* * *

Vail Resorts is saving us money!


The other day I was skiing with three friends at Park City Ski Resort. Around 11:30 a.m. we decided to leave McConkey’s and go to Silverlode lift for a few runs and then lunch at Miner’s Camp. Even though I don’t like spending $25 for a burger, fries and Gatorade, my friends were ready for lunch. When we arrived at Silverlode the lift lines were very long. We noticed that most chairs intended for six people were going up with four or five people. Yes some had six, but some also had only two or three skiers. Well, we decided not to eat at that point because we hadn’t skied enough.

After a few runs and again being stuck in inefficient lift lines we decided to take the Gondola to Canyons and head to the bottom of Tombstone chair to make a few runs and grab lunch. Once again we were greeted with long lift lines (not as long as Silverlode). To boot, there were many empty seats going up the mountain. We did notice that the resort had three or four people checking our lift ticket over and over again, but no one to help coordinate the lift lines.

After several runs and spending too much time in lift lines, lunchtime had past, so we decided to head back. We had a full ski day, but if the lines were efficient we would of had a full ski day and time for a $25 lunch. Thanks Vail, you saved us about $100. This is probably saving skiers several thousand dollars a day on food by keeping the lift lines inefficient.

Stuart Goldner 2495 sSlvercloud drive, Park City ut,

Stuart Goldner

Park City

* * *

Local activist decries media coverage of Trump, supports Sanders


Last week was a big news week. There were terrorist bombings in Brussels and Bernie Sanders won in five of six states. I have just watched Meet The Press. They spent two minutes talking about the terrorist attacks in Brussels and a few minutes with John Kasich asking if he will quit the race and what he thinks of Donald Trump. Then they introduced their team of "experts" to talk about the presidential campaign. Two of them are covering the Hillary Clinton campaign, one of them is covering the Trump campaign, and one is covering the White House, which is quietly endorsing Clinton. They spent almost 20 minutes talking about Trump, the National Enquirer, and Trumps’ ridiculous campaign.

I was shocked that Brussels wasn’t a bigger story and other world events, but what shocked me even more was they didn’t have one person on the panel who was covering the Bernie Sanders campaign. They did not even mention his name or the fact that he won five out of six states crushing Hillary Clinton and building huge momentum.

I’m very disappointed with Meet The Press but not surprised. Corporate media is following the money, and that is more stories about Trump. The CEO of CBS, Leslie Moonves, said about Trump, "It may not be good for America, but it’s good for CBS." Viewership is up and so are advertising dollars.

I urge people to turn off corporate media and go to your choice of independent media. I go to http://www.democracynow.org

Turn off the corporate circus!

Rich Wyman

Park City