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Letters to the Editor, March 5-8, 2016


PCSD: Don’t try to fix what is not broken


Which is better? You decide. Shall we eliminate a "reading assistance" program that is currently in place and is tracking as a huge success, as seen by the improvement and confidence in our actual students of many grade levels?

Our current program is being supported by 40 unpaid volunteers, some with teaching credentials and a plethora of experience in the educational system. Our current program in Jeremy Elementary School /JLS, is headed up by Barbara Bach, who has spent an endless and huge effort to obtain these qualified volunteers that provide weekly one on one time with students from first grade to fifth grade.

I would like to invite everyone to visit JLS and see the photos of all these students with their volunteers. This says it all and is very impressive. Or is it better to replace our current successful program with one paid employee that will assist in kindergarten. This new program is being presented to us as a complete replacement to what is currently working now.

With 11 years as a volunteer tutor at JLS, I do not understand how this new program can replace 40 trained volunteers. Do you?

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How much are we willing to risk on this new program at the perspective detriment of our children? You decide.

If you agree with my thoughts, I encourage you to speak up. One voice can be a whisper. Many voices can move mountains!

Lucy Dettmer

Park City