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Letters to the editor, Nov. 15-17

Bring back the Olympics


Imagine, once again being able to experience the wonders of the Olympics and all the joy they bring. The Olympics were all around a great thing for Park City and the whole state of Utah when they came to Salt Lake City in 2002. Recently, there has been lots of talk about the possibility of a bid for either the 2026 or 2030 Winter Olympic Games. I believe that in almost every way this would be great for Park City.

First, while lots of money may have to be spent, in the end, it will be worth it. The fact that Salt Lake City already has all of the necessary venues already built (Olympic Oval, Vivant Smart Home Arena, Olympic Park, etc.) means that there will be very little spending overall but lots of money brought in.

Second, almost all Park City business owners and most town residents will be affected positively. One thing that I believe many people are afraid about is the influx of tourists that come with the Olympics. While an extra boost in tourists may cause some chaos, overall it makes the city more lively and increases revenue for local businesses and the ski resorts.

Some may say that bringing the Olympics to Salt Lake again will only cause problems. While there may be some problems I personally believe that it will be a great experience for both the younger generation and for the new people that have moved here. I also believe that it will increase revenue for businesses as well as create great memories. So I believe that everyone should be for the idea of bringing the Olympics back!

Travis Hobbs
Park City

Save our climate to save our ski hills


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if we didn’t have snow. If we didn’t have the ski hills that we ski on every winter. What would you do with yourself. This might be a near future for us with what everyone knows as Global Warming. In Salt Lake City have you ever drove by the coal mines in Cyprus. Or have you ever looked at your car’s exhaust that it lets out into the Utah environment. That is affecting our air so much that we might not have snow on our ski trails in the next 50 years. The pollution that we produce might end our “Greatest Snow On Earth” motto. Can you imagine that we could not have snow on our mountains in the next 50 years. I really don’t want this to happen so we need to make change. A major thing that might help is to switch to electric cars.

Park City where I’m from is starting to switch our bus system to electric. Maybe Salt Lake could try that. Another way to help with the air quality is to turn off your car when you stop it and turn it off to avoid the exhaust from going into the air more. That would definitely get rid of a lot of pollution problems. But sadly it’s still not enough. Did you know 2 years ago Salt Lake was ranked in the top 5 worst pollution in the world! That’s crazy we somehow sit up there with Hong Kong with really bad pollution in the entire world! So I think If we shut down our coal mines and reduce what we burn we can save our ski hills.

Vance Wheeler
Park City

School recycling is important


When I was at Ecker Hill Middle School I used to recycle a lot. I had this teacher named Mrs. Wallace who was very passionate about recycling and she got me passionate about recycling too. Then I graduated from middle school and went to Treasure Mountain Junior High. The first thing I noticed was that there was no recycling. At first, I didn’t do anything about this problem because I was busy with many other things and I was hoping that someone else would take care of recycling. But now this is my last year in TMJH and I have come to realize something — nothing is going to change unless I do something about it. In TMJH we do not have recycling in the lunchroom and hundreds of kids throw away recyclables and food. Most TMJH classrooms have recycling and volunteers pick it up weekly but it’s not enough to make a real difference. I realize that things need to change. My science teacher Mrs. McKenna who is also in TMJH she is also very passionate about recycling too and she reminded me that it is important to recycle. We need the community to support a WHOLE school recycling program to make a difference. That way recycling at TMJH can get better and no plastics, paper, or more won’t get wasted any more.

Brenda Villagomez
Park City

Osguthorpe Farm must be saved


I am writing to support the Summit Land Conservancy’s preservation of 158 acres in the heart of the Snyderville Basin, known as the Osguthorpe Farm.

This acreage on Old Ranch Road is a visual rest spot, with the crops forming a spot for migratory herds and birds such as cranes.

Mostly it is a focus of quiet in our busy world.

I do not live in the Basin, but love this spot for being just quiet; I have no need for more intense recreational fields or trails there. I hope all of us will consider the importance of saving this spot.

Carol Agle
Park City

Thanks to the Park City Community Foundation


I am endlessly amazed at the generosity of the Park City community and their willingness to support all the wonderful non-profits that this community benefits from, yet the time and energy that the Park City Community Foundation puts in is over the top. Last Friday marked the seventh Live PC Give PC and it was every bit, if not more so, successful as the last six. I can’t believe they keep making their goals.

I believe I can speak for all the non-profits that this event is incredibly important, that the funding each organization gets from this event allows them to pursue their mission, their passions with confidence going into the future. All of us in the PC non-profit world are truly humbled and honored to have the leadership of the PCCF and the support of our community.

Thank you!

Charlie Sturgis
Executive director, Mountain Trails Foundation

Immigrants need support


Many immigrants come to the United States of America to have a better life and to also have a job to take care of themselves and their loved ones. My parents and some of my friends parents work everyday to help out their families. Many people don’t want immigrants in their lives because they might think that they’re going to cause something bad into our community. This could be true because some immigrants come to the United States of America to cause harm to others and things related to this. Not all immigrants are here to cause harm because a lot of immigrants help the United States of America by doing jobs that non-immigrants don’t want to do. Without immigrants, the United States of America could go downhill by something failing. The USA also needs immigrants in their society because they could bring ideas, talents, cultures, and many more things that non-immigrants don’t have. It would be a pleasure if you could spread the word that immigrants are a good thing and not always a bad thing.

Lisandro Pantaleon
Park City

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