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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 18-20, 2015


It’s just good manners to let people know you are coming


It is a well-known and, unfortunately, rarely used courtesy among cyclists to announce yourself as the faster cyclist when you are passing a slower cyclist.

ON YOUR LEFT: If you are on a road bike, a mountain bike, or more recently, an electric bike riding a trail, please use this courtesy as you are passing a slower rider. It will help the slower cyclist to know you are there and will prevent a sudden awkward movement that might take down one, or even both cyclists.

Oh and bells or subtle horns will also work.

One more thing, maybe a sign or two in the bike shops would help all to know that this should be a common practice.

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Thanks in advance,

Beth St. Thomas

Park City

* * *

Live PC Give PC donations will support Latinos in Action


On behalf of Ecker Hill Middle School, I would like to thank everyone who donated to Ecker during Live PC Give PC. We are incredibly thankful for all the contributions that will continue to support our garden program, school wide recycling and Latinos in Action (LIA). These contributions allow us to continue building the garden program, support daily recycling in our classrooms and lunch room as well as compost. These contributions will also allow our LIA student leadership program to attend conferences and continue their work at Ecker.

Thank you everyone for your incredible generosity!

Annie Wallace

Teacher, Ecker Hill Middle School

* * *

Sign petition to impeach Judge Scott Johansen


The Alliance for a Better Utah is calling on the Utah Legislature to begin impeachment proceedings against Judge Scott Johansen. Better Utah also launched a citizens’ petition that can be found at http://abu.buzz/1OaSwCQ.

On November 11th, Judge Johansen ordered that a child be removed from the home of a married lesbian couple, claiming that the child would be better off in the home of a heterosexual couple over the objection of the foster parents, the Utah Division of Child and Family Services and the Guardian Ad Litem Office assigned to represent the child. After public outcry, Judge Johansen partially reversed his Order.

Judge Johansen has previously come under attack for his tactics. In 1997, Judge Johansen was reprimanded by the Utah Judicial Conduct Commission for "demeaning the judicial office" after slapping a 16-year-old boy during a 1995 meeting at the Price courthouse. In 2007, Judge Johansen was criticized for threatening to take a homeschooling mom’s children away if she failed to enroll them in public school and insure that they were in attendance every day. Johansen was also criticized in 2012 for ordering a woman to cut her 13-year-old daughter’s ponytail as punishment for the teen cutting the hair off a 3-year-old girl at a restaurant.

If Judge Johansen wants to act like Judge Judy, then he should get a reality TV show. In the meantime, his past and present conduct is unbecoming of a judicial officer. It is not enough to simply refer to the Judge’s conduct as ‘puzzling’ and suggest that he must follow the law. Judge Johansen should be impeached and removed from office.

Josh Kanter, Founder & Board President

Alliance for a Better UTAH

* * *

Those Bantams are hard to beat


Saturday, Nov. 14, the Park City World Bantam Football Team, a group of 8th graders, completed their season by beating Viewmont for the league championship. This was not a repeat nor a trepeat but rather a FourPeat. Coach Ted Baumann and his other volunteer coaches deserve a lot of credit for the successes but it is the kids who deserve the recognition. The first two years were what might be called "great learning experiences." The final four years proved they learned a lot. Of the four championship seasons, the bantams went undefeated in two of them. They ended the 2015 season 10-2.

Congratulations to the Park City World Bantam Football Team.

Bill Mullen

Park City

* * *

Tunnel would be a better transportation solution


Your November 14 editorial mentions some remedies to improve transportation through the Rt. 248 and Rt. 224 bottleneck that have been suggested at recent open houses. In particular, while "forging a new road" to connect Rt. 224 directly to the base of PCMR would greatly alleviate the congestion, I was surprised that no mention was made of the obvious way to implement such a connection that would avoid the very serious objections to such a (surface) road: Why not build a TUNNEL under the golf course? It would appear that this could be accomplished by working from the surface, requiring only a temporary disruption of recreational activities.

Given that PCMR/Vail would be the primary beneficiary of such a direct connection, it would be fair to expect the resort to substantially contribute to the costs.

Combined with satellite parking – as you suggested – and efficient shuttle service, parking fees at the PCMR base would help cover such costs as well as provide incentives for skiers to use remote parking.

R. Michael Range

Park City