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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 2-5, 2013


Andy Beerman gets our vote!


We are fortunate to have two great candidates running for the mayor’s position in Park City this year. Both Andy Beerman and Jack Thomas are well qualified for the position but we can only vote for ONE on Nov. 5th. Both have shown their passion for the job and their willingness to step up and be involved in our City politics.

We believe that Andy Beerman is the best choice for the job. Andy worked for us at White Pine Touring back in the mid 90’s. We hired Andy to be the General Manager over all operations (XC Ski Center, WPT Retail, and HangTime Climbing gym). He was young, enthusiastic and a hard worker! Andy didn’t come with years of management experience but it was his energy, integrity, insightfulness and commitment to the mission at hand that made Andy into a successful and exceptional manager for White Pine. Andy is passionate about Park City and has become involved over the years to make a difference. Andy, through his duties as a city council member and a successful local business owner, has continued to demonstrate that he still brings these important personal characteristics to the table everyday.

No matter what the issues are; future growth, the environment, open space, water conservation, small town values, resort business, or local concerns for the future, Andy educates himself on the subject, listens without an agenda and weighs the pros and cons before advocating for a particular solution. The Mayor’s position is not only to represent Park City in the world around us but also to be the coach for the City Council. Andy has that endless energy that is sometimes required to get a consensus that truly represents the local’s interests and the integrity to make us proud of our community.

Andy cares about the future of Park City. A healthy economy, happy locals and a community that welcomes visitors will provide for Park City’s future promise. Andy can get the job done!!!

Please be sure to cast YOUR vote on or before, Tuesday, Nov 5th!

Charlie and Kathy Sturgis

Park City

Golf teams tee up a big thank you


The Park City High School Boy’s and Girl’s golf teams would like to thank the community for their support of our players. We are fortunate to live in an area with some of the top golf courses in the state, but even more so to have the right people at those courses that support junior golf. Craig Sanchez and his staff at Park City Golf Club; Bobby Trunzo and his staff at Park Meadows; Jake Hanley and his staff at Jeremy Country Club. We would also like to thank Promontory, Victory Ranch, Red Ledges, Tuhaye, Homestead, Glenwild, and Soldier Hollow for their continued support.

Coach George Murphy

& the Park City High School Boy’s and Girl’s Golf Teams

More support for Cindy Matsumoto


I am writing this letter to support Cindy Matsumoto for re-election to the City Council. With her valuable Historical Society service, local business background, and City Council experience, I know she will continue to be an asset to the Park City community.

I have known Cindy for over 15 years; we met when we served on the Historical Society Board together. She understands the importance of Park City’s historic character and has been deeply involved in historic preservation. As a councilor, she has worked to ensure that the city’s history will be properly protected.

As old town residents and parents of three children, my husband and I trust Cindy to preserve and protect Park City for the next generation. I have seen Cindy raise her children here and have come to appreciate how she values our unique community and works to preserve it for future generations. She is co-owner of the local business Right at Home and understands the economic problems and opportunities in Park City. She has a personal interest in protecting our community values and promoting economic prosperity for Park City.

Many development and economic issues Park City faces today will conflict with our need to protect our small town feeling, our history, and the environment. Cindy has worked diligently to understand the conflicts and priorities. She has demonstrated an ability to balance the shared goals of Park City citizens, business owners, developers, and non-profit organizations. While on City Council, Cindy has proven her ability to work cooperatively to reach balanced, pragmatic solutions to problems.

Cindy’s experience, knowledge, and community involvement make her the best person to ensure that growth and redevelopment in the next four years will fit into our mountain environment and preserve the town we love. Cindy will work hard to keep Park City the Park City we live, work, and play in. Please join me in voting for Cindy Matsumoto for City Council November 5th.


Kristin Wright

Park City

Debate solidified support for Beerman


We’ve been extremely lucky to have Dana Williams for the past 12 years. He personified this town well in so many ways. We aren’t run of the mill, we aren’t ordinary, we have a rare fun and funky personality that make people want to come, and often stay forever.

Being an Andy Beerman supporter from the outset didn’t stop me from attending almost all of the candidate’s debates. While I think Jack is a stand up citizen, has served Park City well and has an excellent mind, listening to the two of them go "head to head" only solidified my support for Andy.

Being the mayor of Park City is more than just dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s (which Andy does extremely well) but it is about personifying this town. Being the mayor isn’t just sitting in council meetings and helping guide policy, the mayor is the ambassador of our town. Speaking well, having fun, living the lifestyle and espousing what made us all fall in love with this town is a huge part of the job.

Our "small town" hosts not only skiers, but also activities galore (Sundance, bike races, softball, movie studios) and the mayor is often the first person that people come into contact with in an official capacity. I think Andy has the perfect skill set to be both consensus builder and enthusiastic ambassador.

I’d also like to endorse Alex Butwinksi. Alex has always impressed me with his knowledge and deep understanding of the facts, but after every debate, I walk away thinking that he is the "no brainer" vote. He has spent countless hours making sure that he fully understands every issue, is open to new ideas and is really committed to doing the right thing for Park City now, and in the future.

Melissa Band

Park City

Principal knew Alexie was out of bounds


Thanks to Principal Bob O’Connor for talking to author, Alexie Sherman about the foul language he employed at lectures given at PCHS. There is no excuse for calling our children "over-privileged shit heads." Denigration is nothing more than bullying. There is no excuse for condoning it.

We cherish diversity in Park City, but Mr. Sherman’s language was divisive. People communicate more freely in an atmosphere of acceptance and kindness. Sherman’s foul invective squelched the free exchange of ideas. Bob was right to be concerned.

Assuming that controversial language is critical to authentic communication devolves to deep belief in the idea that "might makes right." But this is deeply flawed ideology (though being aware of and wary of power is remarkably wise). Some believe there is value in controversy and play "the devil’s advocate." But providing the "father of lies" with pro-bono legal work is a fool’s errand.

The objective is truth. Refinement of discourse is not the sole means to truth (it can, and often is used to lie, ask a lawyer about it if you are unsure). But properly used, it can help us handle it and keep it from being still-born by viral infection from anger, unbridled lust to power or the unreasonable elevation of inarticulate grunts and cries to equality with considered opinion.

George Orwell observed: "If thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought."

In education, the objective is not to corrupt, but to edify. In society, our job is not to promote anarchy, but cooperation. In language it is not to crawl through the gutter, but to walk with purpose and power. In families it is not to enforce your will, but to gently and patiently persuade with honesty and an open heart. In life it is not to denigrate but to love.

Art Brothers

Park City

Henney is the right choice for critical decisions


Tim Henney has been giving his time to Park City for almost 20 years. He was helping with the organization of Mountain Trails Foundation events when I met him in the 90’s. Not being a person to stand by the sidelines and take advantage of others’ efforts, Tim has always been one to get involved. He will certainly be an active member of the Park City Council who will work hard to do what’s best for our town.

If you’ve listened to Tim on KPCW, you know that he’s an intelligent person with a wide scope of interests and knowledge. The next few years will be critical for us, with BoPa and Treasure coming to fruition. We need Councilors who understand the issues and perceive the long term effects. Tim can do that.

I believe Tim will be a good listener. He will consider the wishes of the community as he makes decisions about our future. During the Visioning process a few years ago, we told the City that we want to preserve the Park City that we know and love. Tim will do his best to make that happen.

In summary, I encourage you to vote for Tim.

Dave Hanscom

Park City

Please transfer all density off Treasure


With all the talk I am hearing around town, I am really concerned with what is happening "behind the scenes" concerning the Treasure Hill development.

Here is the view from the outside:

1. Sweeney FAMILY received approval years ago for approximately 430,000 sq ft.

2. Years later when they submit their plans, current code has changed and they are allowed to add 770,000 sq ft of additional space – bringing the total to approximately 1.2 million sq ft.

I am not sure how this is allowed and it does not seem right. If they want to use current code, they should have had to start the application all over again.

3. Sometime over the years the Sweeney family sold off a percentage of Treasure to an outside person. Details of this arrangement are not known to the public. The terms of this contract, and the addition of an outside party, could greatly be affecting the negotiations the Sweeney’s are making with the city. All profits now have to be shared with this outside party. If any minimum guarantees of return were made in this contract it would greatly affect the negotiations. The total square footage used in negotiations would have to be increased in order to make the Sweeney family and this outside party whole. If this is the case, this means the city is having to pay for a bad business decision made by the Sweeney family. Maybe City Council is not even privy to this information.

4. We hear that the city is negotiating half of the density away. If you use one-half of 1.2 million, we are still left with more square footage than originally approved.

5. What protection do we then have that the new plans will again use current code, or the new revised City Plan, to tack on more square footage?

Please consider a full transfer of density and the above in your negotiations. Thank you!!

Kyra Parkhurst

Park City

Beerman will keep Park City’s momentum going


Park City is going through a major change. Over 30 years ago we began a concerted effort to become a world-class resort community. We had a long way to go. In the early 80’s we weren’t even on the map when it came to number of skier days, compared to California or Colorado. While interviewing Nick Badami I made the mistake of stating that Utah was catching California. He corrected me, bluntly, and made me understand that Utah was nothing, yet. And Edgar Stern, in another one of my interviews, explained his Deer Valley vision while I spoke with him at his office in Aspen. Both men poured their energy and money into building Park City into a competitive resort community. True, they had plenty of support from many men and women in our town. Both these leaders, and many others who pulled hard, are no longer with us. But it happened. Park City is a world-class resort community, in everyone’s book.

And now we have momentum, and it is time to use that momentum to create a community well positioned for the next 30 years. And that happens with energy and vision. And it happens by recognizing that we have development pressure, growing congestion, affordable housing and immigration issues. It happens with knowing that diversifying our economy is a big part of building our middle class and maintaining our sanity. And it happens with the understanding that the community wants the small town feel of open spaces, single-track dirt, powder mornings without lift lines, schools that work and a community of friends.

There is no shutting the door behind us, ignoring the pressures of people moving here. There is only going forward. And that’s why my vote is for Andy Beerman for mayor and Tim Henney for city council. We need their energy, vision and willingness to work with all the forces and issues.

Let’s look to the future and become a shining example, again.

Paul Kirwin

Park City

Andy Beerman will make a difference


Park City is fortunate to currently enjoy exceptional leadership from the Mayor’s Office, Town Council, City management and staff. Mayoral candidate Andy Beerman, City Council Member and tireless champion of our community, has the passion and vision to make a real difference leading the next generation of our town’s decision makers.

Building upon the success of past accomplishments in an already award-winning community is no easy task that will require Andy’s impressive balance of energy, dedication and strategic thinking. His greatest strengths are his dynamic personality, proven ability to recognize and dissect critical issues and his thoughtful ability to build consensus.

His vision for an efficiently connected community, both locally and regionally, will serve our community well as we continue to refine the ways we balance the ever-present demands of growth in an increasingly popular destination while sustaining the quality of life its residents currently enjoy. Andy Beerman is a passionate, pragmatic and insightful leader with a steady hand in Park City’s past and a strategic eye on our future. Please join us by voting for him on Tuesday, November 5, 2013.


Nathan Rafferty and Karen Marriott

Park City

Andy has the right vision for Park City


Here is why we should elect Andy Beerman as our Mayor on Tuesday: Andy has vision for PC and wants to include all the stakeholders in achieving that vision. Andy wants to preserve our active, outdoor lifestyle and amenities, discourage sprawl, encourage sustainable business and do everything we can possibly do to protect our environment.

Andy and Thea have demonstrated a commitment to actually change their business practices and lifestyle to reduce their impacts on the environment. Andy recognizes that people are going to continue to come to PC. They will come from all over the world to ski, bike, train, hike, shop, work, create and live. Andy knows we are situated near a medium sized metro area with a whole lot of private land interests surrounding our town. He does not think we can build a protective shield or mote in a futile effort to harken back to the good old days of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s or pre-Olympics time. A lot of us want it to be just like it was when we first came to live here. There is no going back to the way it was when YOU first came here. Andy knows there are going to be 3 million people living along the Wasatch Front and Back in the next 20 years.

Andy knows we can not take any more cars in PC and that we have to plan for how we are going to deal with this pressure from the outside. Andy has spent all of his years in PC participating in organizations that make PC a better place to live.

Here are some of the things he has been a part of: Mountain Trails, Recycle Utah, Trails Utah, Low Carbon Lifestyles (Save our Snow lll)Historic Park City Alliance, Basin Open Space, City Open Space, Summit Lands, Recreation Advisory Board, Swaner Nature Preserve, Utah League of Cities and Towns, Regional Economic Development Task Force, Wasatch (Transportation) Summit, Park City Council Andy’s resume should be highlighted because it shows an extensively committed public servant to the PC community. It shows his roots are deep and his knowledge and perspective is broad. It proves he is well equipped to handle the leadership Park City needs right now.

One more really important thing that I feel needs clarification …..Andy and his wife are part owner and full time operators of an Inn on Main Street. He has never developed a property as an investment other than the house he and Thea live in now. He hasn’t developed properties or homes in PC and isn’t planning to develop properties or homes in the future. He will work hard to continue to build a healthy business environment while keeping a close eye on the biggest prize of all, which is our spectacular lifestyle that keeps PC PC.

Carolyn Frankenburg

Park City

The facts behind the super hero


I call him an "outside dog"–happiest on a trail, getting to the top of something tall, or rolling around the desert with only his bike and me for company. He confessed early on that his first love was the natural environment, so don’t be fooled by the rhetoric of politics: he’s a tree-hugger. His college thesis was on Deep Ecology; and for a good long while after college his home was his truck, and his job with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) was to introduce people to the wilderness and teach them how to care for it.

What he lacks in talent, he makes up for with hard work and persistence. Though he’s not artistic, he is innovative and seeks elegant solutions to sticky wickets. He demands more of himself than he asks of others–in a super-hero sort of way–but he is inclusive, and doesn’t steal thunder. He’s generous, but not extravagant; he’s thoughtful first, then articulate and clear. He’s of Midwestern Mennonite heritage so he values quality over quantity, loathes waste of any resource–time, good weather, good will, money–and is, himself, spare in his appetites.

It’s ironic that "Campaign Season" coincides with "mud season". Andy, to his credit, has resisted the temptation to get dirty. He has parried their need to vilify him by honing a positive message he will live by as Mayor. He hasn’t rested on his laurels, but his deeds are his record: NOLS Guide, 5.13 climber, avid biker, avid skier, volunteer and contributor too many non-profits, re-developer of Treasure Mountain Inn, values-based businessman, consensus-builder, communicator, optimist. I believe we are a town of generous, hospitable, progressive, well-meaning, forward-thinking, outdoor-loving, sports-doing residents and we would do well to elect one of our own. Vote for Andy (since I already married him!)

Thea Leonard

Wife of Andy Beerman

Beerman and Butwinski get thumbs up from a county official


Since joining the Summit County Council last January, I have had the opportunity to work with and observe Andy Beerman in a variety of business and social situations, and I have been both impressed and grateful. Impressed with the way that he listens to others as they present information and carefully analyzes the information before offering very considered opinions and advice. Grateful because Park City and Summit County face very similar and substantial challenges arising from continued growth and the need to manage resources with great care. Summit County and Park City are working together thoughtfully and diligently to address those challenges and issues and Andy has been one of several leaders on the Park City team that has facilitated a more cooperative bond between our two governing bodies. I think Andy will make an excellent and effective mayor.

I also support Alex Butwinski for reelection to the Park City Council. I believe that intelligence and integrity are among the most important traits of our elected leaders and my experience with Alex is that he embodies both. Alex also has an excellent intellectual curiosity, which seems to compel him to dive deep on the important issues facing Park City. I respect and appreciate his carefully considered approach to issues such as Treasure Hill, the film studio at Quinn’s Junction and the redevelopment of Bonanza Park. Please consider Andy for Mayor and Alex to continue on the City Council. Most important, please vote; there has never been a more important time to make your voice heard in Park City.

Roger Armstrong

Park City

Leadership and understanding give Beerman the edge


We are very fortunate to have two great candidates for mayor in the upcoming election. Jack Thomas is a good friend and neighbor, but I have decided to support Andy Beerman for the following reasons.

Leadership: I have served on the board of Historic Park City Alliance (Main Street Merchants Association) for several years. I was very impressed to watch the organization evolve into a very effective business and political group under Andy’s leadership. Once elected president of the HPCA Andy started to attend all of the City Council meetings two years prior to running for office.

Understanding of the Tourism Economy: Andy makes his living dealing directly with our guests. This gives Andy an in depth understanding of the issues related to the largest contributors to our economy

Experience: The experience gained from serving on the council and attending the council meetings for two years prior to being elected will allow Andy to step into the Mayors role without needing to learn to job. The relationships he has developed on the local regional and state level will allow him to be effective from the first day in office.

Age: In the recent past Park City politics has been dominated by the older generation I think it is time for the younger generation to step into leadership positions. Andy represents the younger generation.

Jan Wilking

Park City

Butwinski deserves another round of support


Being a relative newcomer to Park City, I have come to love this town very much. One of the reasons besides all the outdoor activities and incredible scenery is the ease with which you can become involved and knowledgeable about local politics. The Mayor and council are accessible to everyone for questions and feedback.

I support Alex Butwinski for City Council. He is a personal friend, and after having having worked on his first campaign and now on his second, I have witnessed first hand his dedication to Park City. Alex always does his homework working long hours, going to countless meetings and serving on numerous committees to build better relationships within the city, county and state to promote and protect our wonderful town.

In his four years on council, Alex has helped to finalize the Regional Water system to secure future water, prevented MIDA and commercial development at Quinn’s Junction, approved walkability projects all in a fiscally responsible way.

There is still much to do as Park City moves forward. I believe Alex has worked diligently and deserves our vote to serve the community for another four years. A vote for Alex will help keep Park City, Park City.

Mary Wright

Park City

Help elect Mary Wintzer for Council


Each time I hear Mary Wintzer on KPCW I find myself nodding in agreement with her views of issues in Park City. She owns a business in the heart of Park City that may benefit by growth, yet she fights for reasonable growth.

When she came by my house to campaign we had a great conversation. She listened to my concerns about Park City and added a few of her own. I believe her when she says that she would like to retain the identity of Park City and will do her best to do so.

She is a long time resident so speaks from experience and I admire her point of view.

Shirin Spangenberg

Curb It Recycling, Park City

Thomas will do what’s best for Park City


With the upcoming Mayoral election fast approaching us, I am amazed by the support that Andy Beerman has amassed, along with the almost amorous words that many people have used to describe Andy concerning his warmth and dedication to Park City. Just as when he ran for City Council and I scratched my head wondering who might actually support the guy, I am doing the same currently. For several years I had regular contact with Andy and he always struck me as an incredibly self-centered and self-serving individual. Andy talks about being committed to Park City, but I don’t believe that Andy is committed to anything other than furthering his own agenda. On the other side of things, I don’t believe Jack Thomas’ integrity is in doubt, nor is his commitment to Park City, as had been demonstrated through his decades of involvement with the community. Do what’s best for Park City and vote Jack Thomas for Mayor.

Zack Matheson

Park City

Park City’s incumbents have done a fine job


We are a small town and we’re not.

I was not going to engage publicly in the election this time. Full disclosure, I am married to Liza Simpson, City Council member. But then reading the candidates’ responses to questions in the Park Record and listening to the debate, I felt, like Jim Hier, that I had to chime in.

There has been a great deal of discussion about Park City being a small town. When I moved here thirty years ago, small town meant in part, seeing people you knew at the Alpha Beta, at the post office, at the Down Under (which was my living room!).

Now, Park City being a small town means seeing people I know at the Market at Park City, the post office, and Cows. And of course, being married to a City Council member means it now takes a half hour to buy a gallon of milk.

We have a small town transit system, a small town medical center, a small town skate park, a small town rec center – really? Is there any one who thinks that 7,000 year round residents would normally have this stuff?

My point is that being a small town is only partly about the built environment. It is also about what we didn’t build, the mountains and the open space. But more than anything else, what defines us as a small town is – us.

Our ability to work together, to grow together, to age together, to raise children, to employ those children, to have them move back here and live here and raise their children. How on earth are we going to do that if we don’t evolve? Those kids aren’t moving in with me!

We can’t put a bubble over Park City. The only way to protect and preserve what we value is to put forth our best work on evolving wisely. Which is why I will be voting for the candidates who have proven to my satisfaction they understand how complex an issue this is: Alex Butwinski and Cindy Matsumoto to a second term on City Council, and Andy Beerman for Mayor. I want leaders who value the past AND look to the future.

Chris Wickland

Park City

Alexie Sherman shared important message


I read with great interest the article "Alexie Stirs Up Controversy" in the most recent edition of the Park Record. As a PCHS senior who both read the book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian and attended his lecture, I feel compelled to present a first hand account of what really occurred and the impact it hand on a number of my friends and me.

In order for the audience to fully understand the issues of racism and stereotyping portrayed in Alexie’s book, he used some extreme measures. It is true he had all of us stand up and call ourselves " over-privileged rich white s*** heads". It’s also true he berated two students during the lecture. And yes, he encouraged, not forced, white males in the room to stand up and proclaim their "urination privilege." And you know what, I felt fortunate to be addressed in this way, with no filters and no sensitivity to the bubble in which many of us here in Park City live. Thank you Sherman Alexie.

What better way to get us in touch with other people’s perspectives than to exaggerate to make a point. Do I think Alexie truly believed we were all ". . . s***heads?" Of course not. But with that statement, he got everybody’s attention. When he elaborated with his own experiences, he made me think about the plight of others less fortunate in our country. Furthermore, he berated the two kids because they were talking over him during his lecture. Alexie, lacking a filter, stopped mid-sentence and expressed his disgust of being disrespected. I was proud of Alexie – he did what so many in his position might think, but fail, to do. Finally, as a young woman, I loved it when Alexie brought into focus the privilege of the White American male. If anyone with this "urination privilege" thought about Alexie’s words for a short period, they would quickly realize that people of a different gender or race actually need to think about their surroundings and act accordingly. What a valuable perspective.

To the parents cited in the article, I assure you there were no brainwashing or indoctrination techniques used in his lecture. Also, I haven’t heard one person say they were verbally abused. I personally appreciated his candor. Finally, yes, there were a couple of sexual references in the book that were over the top. I didn’t like them either. But please don’t overreact. The negative associated with these references was far outweighed by the book’s positive main message of understanding and acceptance of those not like ourselves.

Chloe DiCesaris

Park City

Jack Thomas will hold the line on development


I support Jack Thomas for Park City Mayor. Voters of Park City should be very concerned with what the future face of our town will look like. I believe Jack’s deep experience in planning can help us achieve an appropriate balance in managing development pressures responsibly without losing sight of the four core values as stated in the draft General Plan document: Sense of Community, Natural Setting, Small Town and Historic Character.

In keeping with the "four levers" in the plan which are: Environmental Impact, Quality of Life Impact, Social Equity Impact, and Economic Impact, I believe that the first three levers impacting community livability and affordability standards should never become subordinate to the commercial and tax role interests of the city or private developers, and in fact, should outweigh them.

All of Park City’s leaders will need to consider the consequences, both intended and potentially unintended, of adopting the new Form Based Code for Bonanza Park which will permanently alter one or more of these characteristics within our neighborhoods. Of primary concern is the potential for permanent displacement of groups most affected by proposed changes as they are driven out by unattainable property costs and rents. A deeper dive into the dynamics and composition of existing populations inside and adjacent to the BOPA area is required. So what does "it" look like? A nightmare, a fairy tale or something in between? For example, if the existing buildings inside the proposed Bonanza Park move from existing square footage of 1,200,000 to a density approaching 5,500,000 square feet this would amount to a nearly five-fold increase in density—the equivalent square footage to 25 Super Walmarts inside BOPA.

What does that look like? Hell, I think. We need experienced leaders to guide us through the difficult decisions ahead. Vote for Jack.

Lee J. Whiting

Park City

LivePCGivePC even when you are not here


Are you away? Give here on Nov. 8.

I am not in Park City on Nov 8, but have already registered at: http://www.livepcgivepc.org and am ready to log on to give to my favorite non-profits and watch the day unfold. One, I already know, will get matching funds when I give.

Park City is a fabulous place to live. It is beautiful, active, friendly, and people care. I wake up to Leslie Thatcher on KPCW every day, I love the history and the Park City Museum on Main St., I love the art, I go to the concerts, plays, movies and fabulous performances offered all year. I bike, and hike on the trails. I love the panoramas and the open space around town. This community cares for families in crisis and helps children reach their potentials. We have over 80 non-profits in town that have enriched my life and the lives of everyone in Park City.

Please join me on NOV 8, 2013 – Sign on http://www.livepcgivepc.org, register and support your favorite Park City organizations that enrich your life.

Sydney Reed

Park City

Andy’s energy will be good for the city


The residents of Park City are incredibly lucky to have a choice of two fine people running for Mayor of Park City this year, but one candidate is a better fit than the other. I am proud to be supporting Andy Beerman for Mayor. Andy brings the perfect combination of attributes that will serve Park City today and into the future. Andy brings a lot of experience, through his successful business background, city council involvement and his ability to relate and communicate with other decision makers statewide. As an active participant and lover of the outdoors, Andy understands better than anyone how important our recreation opportunities are to the entire community. Park City needs a young, dynamic, respected and entrepreneurial person to be the next Mayor of Park City. We need a Mayor who has a lot of energy, who is fully engaged and has a full appreciation of what makes Park City great. As a former three term Mayor I know what it takes to be fully committed to the job of Mayor and I am confident that Andy will make a great Mayor of Park City and that is why Andy has my full support. Please join me in voting for the future of Park City. Vote Andy Beerman.

Bradley Olch

Park City Mayor 1990-2002

Andy Beerman: More than meets the eye

Since when is being attractive and well spoken about issues pertaining to the continued growth, preservation, and prosperity of Park City a liability? A recent editorial seemed to suggest such a perplexing idea. In fact, it went on to express that Park City will morph into a "tourist trap" because of city-wide enhancements and beautification brought on by young, good looking city leaders.

I would suggest to the Summit Park-based editorial author that she spend a little more time on Main Street, and more time getting to know Park City’s superhero, Andy Beerman. While enhancements are being made to our town, they are implemented under the many regulations designed to keep Park City’s mountain town charm. And, while pressures abound to build bigger, better and more beautiful structures, these regulations, and the city officials who work to uphold them, keep our town looking authentic, tasteful and creative.

As a city councilman, Andy has done a great job at helping our city officials walk that tightrope of balancing progress without giving up what makes Park City a great town to live in. As president of the Main Street Business Alliance, Andy directed a group of business owners to recognize what has worked so well for the town in the past, and embrace a broader vision for the future. The new name of the organization, the Historic Park City Alliance, gives you some insight to his effectiveness to keep the best of the past with the need for all of us to work together as we face the challenging future.

Yes, Andy Beerman loves to mountain bike and back country ski and makes the time to enjoy his passions. He operates a successful hotel in the heart of our business district and he is very active in the community. Look past the superhero persona and you’ll see a great mayor as well.

Jill Rathburn & Don Croce

Owners, Livin’ Life Park City

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