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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 14-17, 2017

Submitted by Park Record readers

Thank you to the Park City community


My wife Wendy, dog Scout and I want to write the residents of Park City and surrounding environs, to say thank you. We recently moved back to San Diego after our third consecutive summer living in old town. Well, summer for us is actually June 1 through Sept. 30th. Each year, we fall more in love with Park City and the community. We appreciate the kindness of the people we meet at Library Field where Scout loves to romp a couple times a day. We VERY much appreciate its leash free status and everyone who supported that positive change a couple years ago. We like that PC city streets are well maintained and host a growing population of bike racks, benches, public art, and colorful flower pots. The town is blessed with an excellent recreation center and library, and we frequent both. We enjoy the free concerts in all the venues, including Kamas, Midway, and Heber. Add in the beauty of the mountains, the clean air, great weather, and the collective happiness of the locals and you have what may be the best place to live in the U.S. Thank you all for allowing us become residents for 1/3 of the year. Park City is truly life elevated.

Paul and Wendy Rosengard
San Diego

Steve Joyce will question the status quo


Steve Joyce is a critical thinker and won’t be afraid to question the status quo. He will be strong in the areas of budgetary spending and open space preservation. Steve has worked hard as a Planning Commissioner and will do the same as a Council member.

Please join me in casting your vote for Steve Joyce on Election Day.

Mary Wintzer
Old Town

Former Bahnhof owners thankful for community


The Bahnhof at 693 Main St. has been owned and operated by the Smith family since 1984. We would like to thank the local community for the past 33 years of support, without it we would not have been successful. Recently, we (the Smith family) sold our Park City location to R&R Sports which owns and operates eight Aloha Ski and Snowboard Rentals locations throughout Park City. We are excited to now be a part of the Aloha family and we look forward to what the future holds. We want the community to know that we will still be working in the Bahnhof like we have since 1984. You can expect the same high level of service and specialty items that have been our trademark since we first opened our doors.

Lindy and Ryan Smith

Dana Williams believes in civil discourse


If you have ever stood at the podium at Park City Council and had to sign your name legibly, you know the anxiety of speaking in public, especially if you are in opposition to the prevailing opinions in the room. Dana Williams, who was mayor when I served on council, always went to great effort to make the speaker and the audience comfortable—sometimes using humor, but never sarcasm or rudeness. Respect for everyone is one of Dana’s greatest strengths. Let’s get back to a relaxed atmosphere at these meetings where citizens are heard and where there is civil discourse.

Marianne Cone Chaplin
Park City

Why I stand with Dana


My experience of Park City is unique. I grew up here, I moved away for college, and quickly returned in hopes of reestablishing roots in this community. However upon my return, the threat of growth and consumption of the Park City community became chillingly clear. Instead of resigning myself to the inevitable future, another ski town coopted by corporate interests devoid of any genuine community, I decided to face the threat head-on and become more entrenched in this community than I ever imagined.

Through this new chapter I found incredible insight and inspiration from our past mayor, Dana Williams. Not only was he deeply involved in the community, but he put himself on the frontlines to speak for those too timid to speak for themselves, to truly digest the pulse of the town, and to do everything in his power to stand for this town and the people who live here. I know for many it’s difficult to understand Dana’s unwavering love for Park City, but for me, it’s simple: Dana knows the glowing warmth of our community, Dana knows our potential together. Dana understands how to work with people from diverse backgrounds, to collaborate together in a solution oriented way.

The obstacles before us today are deeply nuanced, they will require problem solving from every aspect of our society, and Dana is the mayor who can bring this town together. He doesn’t strive for a frictionless local government, but he welcomes challenges and looks for the hard truth, no matter how inconvenient it might be. With so many new programs and spending coming out of City Hall, Dana’s call for a community visioning will be critical in ensuring we are moving in a direction we can all feel good about. He has always, and will always put Park City first. And that’s a leader I can stand with.

Heleena Sideris
Park City

Joyce is an exceptional choice


We have had the pleasure of knowing Steve Joyce for more than a decade. He’s been our neighbor and throughout that time he and his wife, Julie, have consistently given of their time to helping Park City be a better home for us all. We would like to express our support for his election to City Council.

On a personal level Steve is a thoughtful, dedicated individual who brings keen insight and intellect into any discussion. His character is of the highest order and his level of commitment to this town is inspiring. He is a true leader. His platform is dedicated to addressing the issues that concern us all and he is committed to keeping Park City the beautiful community that we all love.

Steve has proven to be an independent thinker in his role on the Planning Commission and other boards on which he has served, i.e. Summit Land Conservancy and Friends of Animals. In addition, he brings with him a business skillset that brought him great success in his professional career.

Steve has given much thought to the future of our town and is committed to preserving the unique nature of Park City. His wish is to keep our town a wonderful place to reside and raise our families. We have all seen Park City change dramatically, and while embracing continued economic success is important, Steve will work to keep Main Street local for the community it serves and reduce “event fatigue” on residents which includes reducing traffic. He will ensure continued focus on City Council’s main issues of affordable housing, transportation and energy conservation, all of which are consistent with Steve’s values and commitment to the people of Park City

Please support Steve. He is an exceptional choice for City Council.

Jim and Kathy Covaleski
Park City

Williams is a true leader


I first met Dana Williams when he was a second term Park City Mayor and I was the brand-new Summit County Manager. Dana went out of his way to work with me and to help me understand Park City and Summit County issues. He was and is balanced in his approach and understanding of regional dynamics. Dana clearly saw the need for close City/County cooperation and partnership. He worked well with other Mayors and provided respectful leadership for municipal issues.

I am particularly impressed with Dana’s ability to work with staff. He understands the difference between policy and implementation. He is clear in his vision, promotes clear lines of communication and does not micromanage. He understands the need for staff to understand the goals but lets them develop possible action steps to get the job done.

I proudly endorse Dana Williams for Park City Mayor.

Bob Jasper
Park City

Clyde column was over the line


Regarding Tom Clyde’s partisan rant blaming Republicans for the Las Vegas shooting: Tom Clyde, you are a horrible human being. This is a time when decent people come together in their sorrow to support one another; in contrast, you seek to sow discord for your own perverted purpose and enjoyment.

Those of us who have been affected by this tragedy here in Las Vegas are not helped by your rabid-dog condemnation of Republicans, claiming “The Republicans are a wholly owned subsidiary of the gun lobby…The NRA must be very proud.” Shame on you. Shame on the Park Record.

The fact that other left-wing progressives have made this tragedy political is no excuse. Your complete lack of empathy, poor impulse-control and persistent anti-social rants put you down there with, for example, Hayley Geftman-Gold, the top CBS executive who posted on Facebook that she didn’t have sympathy for the victims gunned down at the country music festival in Las Vegas because “country music fans are often Republican gun toters.” She was fired for her hate speech, but she doesn’t think she did anything wrong (although she later feigned an apology); The Park Record should fire you for your vitriolic hate speech as well; if it did, I doubt you would acknowledge you did anything wrong either. After all, you’re so vain you probably think this letter is about you.

Do us all a favor. Stop your rants. Hang up your pen. You have lost all legitimacy by exceeding the bounds of common decency and journalistic integrity. You’ve lost your podium; just fade into the sunset knowing no one cares what you think anymore.

Phil Palmintere
Las Vegas

Let’s make Andy our mayor


“Nostalgia runs deep, but it is not a plan. We need vision and strong leadership to slow growth and navigate the sophisticated challenges ahead.” These are Andy Beerman’s words, not mine. I have heard Andy outline how his vision and strong leadership is what Park City needs moving forward. At an event hosted at our home and other events for Andy, we have heard from numerous current and former City and Summit County Council members who not only share Andy’s vision for our town’s future, but strongly believe Andy will lead us in finding positive solutions. As our current mayor steps aside, let us thank him, and allow him to hand the reins to a six-year City Council member who has proven that he can build consensus and initiate appropriate measures for Park City. Help elect Andy mayor!

Mindy and John Halsey
Park City

Beerman is equipped for challenges ahead


I have supported Dana in the past, but I feel that times have changed and Andy Beerman is the mayoral candidate most well-equipped for the challenges and opportunities ahead. It is a very telling fact that all Park City Council members who have worked with both candidates have come out publicly in support of Andy. I support Andy because he backs up his position with facts, he doesn’t posture for approval. Andy is authentic and approachable and he listens first, then talks second. I have been impressed with the amount of action over the last four years, of which Andy has been in the center. From open space purchases like Clark Ranch and Bonanza Flat, to a firm plan for affordable housing and transportation solutions to building relationships with the Wasatch Front and our neighbors in Summit and Wasatch County. Join me in support of Andy Beerman for Mayor.

Bob Peek
Park City

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