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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 2-4, 2017

Submissions from Park Record readers

Thanks for helping to keep Park City clean


Park City and Summit County are a little more clean thanks to two events last Saturday: the Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) event and a Community Clean-up event.

Thank you to the community for bringing us their hazardous materials at the Household Hazardous Waste event. By doing this, you are helping to keep hazardous materials out of our landfill, protecting our local watershed. The 2017 Spring and Fall HHW events would not be possible without the support of Park City Municipal Corporation, Summit County, Snyderville Basin Water Reclamation District, Recycle Utah and the Sunrise Rotary Club. Special thanks to the all of the volunteers working the event

Additional thanks to the team of 25 volunteers picked up trash along Bonanza, Deer Valley Drive, State Road 224 and near PCHS. Picking up trash keeps it out of our watershed, keeping the environment clean. The group filled 30 bags with trash and actually went through all the bags Recycle Utah supplied, exceeding our expectations. Way to go!

Carolyn Wawra

Recycle Utah

Sam’s spirit continues to soar in our hearts


Two years ago this week, our awe-inspiring son and brother, Sam Jackenthal, passed away skiing in Australia. This anniversary, while extremely hard for our family, friends and teammates, reminds us to cherish the memories and continue to live the life Sam would have wanted us to live: to live in the moment, dream big and laugh often. 

On this anniversary, we want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the Park City community for embracing our family’s journey and continuing to honor Sam’s legacy. Park City has shown up for Sam in such a huge and loving way that has made the last two years of grieving a least a little bit more tolerable. Our family is grateful to everyone who has shown their love and support. We would also like to express a very sincere and special thank you to many local organizations that continue to go above and beyond:

  • The team from Vail Resorts for building world-class custom rail and box features on mountain in Sam’s honor.
  • The Utah Olympic Park team for hosting and helping us create the most memorable celebration of life for Sam we could ever imagine.
  • Basin Recreation for helping our family to create an incredibly special place of remembrance for Sam’s Memorial Bench at the top of Rob’s Trail.
  • The Youth Sports Alliance for continuing to support Sam’s legacy through need and performance based scholarships.
  • Team Park City United for keeping Sam’s memories alive on and off the slopes.
  • O’Shucks for hosting an incredible fundraiser for Sam when our lives where spiraling and we needed a place for the community to gather.
  • The Winter Sports School for creating a beautiful outdoor place of remembrance at the school. 

Much love and gratitude Park City, Utah.



Ron, Jennifer and Skylar Jackenthal

Park City

Beerman will move P.C. forward with vigor  


Progress is defined as forward or onward movement. Over the last 40-plus years we have made steady progress in our community, enduring growth, Olympics and globalization. I greatly appreciate the leadership and vision of our past mayors, it is time to continue that forward progress. To paraphrase JFK, let us pass the torch to a new generation of Parkites. Andy is tempered by years on the Council, proud of our community and environment, and unwilling to witness or permit the undoing of what we all have built together.

I fully support Andy and look forward to his youth and vigor leading a stronger, seamless, and more sustainable community into Park City’s future.

Kevin R. McCarthy

Park City

Beerman is the right man for the town


Andy Beerman is the right man for Mayor of Park City at this time. He loves Park City and our quality of life and has worked tirelessly to manage and improve them over his tenure on the Park City Council. 

As a businessman, he understands the “business-end” of government (finances, human resources, operations, projects, etc.) and knows what it’s like to make a living in Park City. He’s also a conservationist who wants to preserve and protect our community and the natural environment upon which it relies. 

And he walks the talk, whether its contributing a portion of his profits to land protection, jumping in early on complete recycling, using transit or commuting with pedal power, leading out on net-zero carbon emission and renewable energy, or rolling up his sleeves on affordable housing. 

Then there is open space.  Not only is Andy passionate about spending as much of his scarce free time on his bike or skins, he has been at the center of the City’s open space purchases. Without detracting from the team effort played by a great many in saving Bonanza Flats, Andy was the heart and head of that great legacy transaction. Leadership comes in many forms. Andy’s form is based upon identifying a problem or opportunity, bringing together the diverse stakeholders and the best minds, and finding an elegant solution that is a win-win — all the while doing so with optimism, enthusiasm, respect, and warmth.

Above all, the Mayor’s job is to lead by example and set the tone for all the rest. Andy is the right man for the job!

Chris Robinson

Park City

It is time to rein in the Park City Council


Regarding Jack Rubin’s letter in the Sept. 30 issue: HOORAY and thank you Jack.

Much more needs to be said of  the Park City Council’s  direction in past.  Has anyone else noted the level of near complete consensus in council votes for the last… oh…say decade and a half?  It is hard to find a body of five or six people anywhere who are as consistently in complete agreement on final decisions as the Park City Council. Where is the individuality in opinion we used to find? Reined in? There are certainly differences in opinion within the populace.

Charles Koch of Koch Industries recently stated, “We believe that talented people with bad values can do far more damage than virtuous people with lesser talents…”

There is no virtue in thinking oneself to be the smartest in the room.  One never knows who is in the room with us.

Paula Hurd

Park City

What will it take to enact sensible gun control


When will Congress have the courage to stand up for human rights? When will Congress face up to the NRA and use common sense? Yes, common sense! Does Congress actually believe that the founding fathers and the constitution wanted to guarantee that crazy people, hunters, anyone, would ever need weapons such as we have seen recently. It is difficult to imagine how one could justify bullets that explode in bodies, guns that can fire with such deadly force and silencers.

 If Sandy Hook’s horrific tragedy wasn’t enough to move Congress to tears and action, then certainly what happened in Las Vegas should. What will it take for the hearts and minds, good judgment and common decency of our congressional leader to unite, act and disown the NRA?

Bette Scarlet

Park City

Summit County Council: Please use BOSAC funds to preserve Osguthorpe Farm


This is an important Request to Summit County Council: On behalf of myself and our children, please use some of the BOSAC funds to preserve the Osguthorpe Farm on Old Ranch Road. It is only one of two remaining Heritage Landscapes on Old Ranch Road.

To see them ranch, to see the Sand Hill Cranes and the unbelievable variety of birds, etc. that enjoy that magnificent stretch of land.  It is a joy to all who live, bike, walk, run, drive, snowshoe, cross-country ski, or even just passively witness the beauty of that land.

Help us to retain Old Ranch Road’s historic character and leave a fine legacy by using our tax dollars to preserve the Osguthorpe Farm.

Please note: When I served on Basin Open Space Committee (2003-2010), this property was consistently voted a top priority for conservation.

Debi Scoggan and Family

Park City