Letters to the editor, Oct. 28-31

Submitted by Park Record readers

PandoLabs helps build dreams


Park City is known for its world class resorts, movie festivals, and vibrant culture…could it also be known as an entrepreneurial hub?

PandoLabs is making that happen. PandoLabs is a local nonprofit whose mission is to empower entrepreneurs and like minded people to collaborate to strengthen and diversify the economy in Park City, the Wasatch Back range, and the State of Utah.

PandoLabs has supported a plethora of local business. Bassam Salem’s AtlasRTX software company has been integrated into the school district for its ability to quickly translate English to Spanish improving communication between the administration and Latino community. Salem participated in PandoLab’s Peer to Peer program for 18 months and was able to use PandoLab’s physical space to grow their team and host meetings.

3DSims has revolutionized 3D printing with metal by creating algorithms that ensure accuracy and efficiency. Founded at the University of Louisville, 3DSims chose Park City as the home of their growth technology company. In 2015, while waiting for their facility to be built, 3DSims worked with PandoLabs for its physical space and community connections, growing from 1 to 6 employees in 6 months.

PandoLabs has also worked with dozens of other companies impacting Summit County, including: Jafflz, Blyncsy, Vutiliti and Ikos.

PandoLabs invites you to the We Build Dreams event at PandoLabs, located at 2750 Rasmussen Road on Friday, November 3 at 5:00 p.m. The We Build Dreams campaign is all about the entrepreneurs that make our community; come meet the entrepreneurs and share stories. We hope to see you there!

Shaun Roberts
PCCAPS student

Williams leads with his heart


Difficult decisions often come down to following either your head or your heart. Either direction can be argued to be the right choice. When following your head you use tactical and logical reasoning to support the decision. When you use your heart, you follow a feeling or intuition, and that may be more difficult to quantify. Following your head sounds wise. But following your heart feels right.

In the upcoming Park City Mayoral election, voters are faced with a difficult decision. Both candidates are extremely well qualified, committed, intelligent, and passionate about Park City’s future. Both have distinguished public records which tell us so much about how they think and act and what to expect from them in this office. Picking one over the other is a difficult choice.

They say it only takes about 900 people to elect a Mayor; a Mayor who effects not just those living within the boundaries of Park City, but in essence effects everyone also living in the Snyderville Basin, and everyone who doesn’t live here but who works in Park City. For most of us, we’re here because we have a passion for this community. We love it here. We acknowledge we’re here because of heart.

I hope the voters of Park City will turn out in full force to elect the candidate that their heart tells them is the right choice. That candidate is Dana Williams. He leads with his heart, and we should appreciate and acknowledge the importance of that from our community leaders, especially in the current times. Follow your heart and vote for Dana.

Christie Dilloway
Snyderville Basin

Williams loves Park City


Dana Williams…For Mayor. Dana is the candidate who loves Park City — not for his own gain. Dana demonstrates his leadership even while not in office — and while not being paid. Remember the trademark conversations with Vail? Dana was outside of City Hall with people who felt Vail was overstepping their bounds. He was our beloved Mayor for 12 years before he stepped down.

Jack Thomas did a great job in Dana’s absence. Now is the perfect time to elect Dana Williams for Mayor. He has relationships in Washington, DC that help our town garner Federal Funding for our projects. These positive relationships are more valuable than most citizens know.

Dana Williams is one of us. He doesn’t own property on Main Street that benefits from a nice new plaza and new parking garage. He owns a house in Prospector. Both Dana and his wife work in our economy. They understand the impacts of increasing taxes and costs on the ability of our younger workers to live in Park City.

Dana Williams has a proven record of keeping all of us at the forefront of his decisions. Now is the time to keep Dana Williams at the forefront of our decision to vote for him as Mayor.

Bill Humbert
Park City

Beerman will do a great job


We face a quality problem in our upcoming mayoral election. For most of the 15 years I’ve lived in Park City our mayor was Dana Williams. Now Dana is running again… against Andy Beerman. During my time on the Planning Commission I came to know them both and respect them both. I’m supporting Andy because he is smart, energetic and has something to prove. To himself and to Park City. I know Dana will do a good job but I’m betting that Andy will do a great job.

Mick Savage
Park City

Joyce has experience and compassion


Steve Joyce would be an excellent addition to the Park City Council. I have had the pleasure of volunteering and working with Steve Joyce both as a member of the Park City Rotary Club, where he serves as the Co-Chair of the Miners Day Committee, and as a Planning Commissioner. Steve Joyce is an active listener who finds the common ground and builds consensus within groups and gives careful consideration in his decision making. Additionally Steve has learned the technical workings of the City in this capacity as Planning Commission which will serve him well as a Council member. Steve has experience, compassion and works well with people. I am proud to give my full support to Steve Joyce’s campaign for a seat on the City Council.

Canice Harte
Snyderville Basin Planning Commission

Ad was out of line


I just finished reading Jesse Shelter’s paid advertisement in the Park Record supporting Dana Williams and it took me back. Back to January of this year when Liza Simpson and I participated in the Women’s March in Washington D.C. I was struck by the large number of signs reading “I can’t believe we’re still protesting this stuff!”

I can’t believe that a woman still cannot express her opinion, based on significant experience and knowledge, without it being characterized as “just plain nasty”. Jesse, you accepted former Mayor Brad Olch’s endorsement of Andy Beerman with respectful disagreement, and current Mayor Jack Thomas’ Andy Beerman endorsement with a respectful understanding of the “pressure” you felt he was under from a “certain few” to endorse Andy — yet Liza’s was “just plain nasty”!

You might consider re-reading Liza Simpson’s endorsement (available on the Park Record’s web site “Beerman will be a mayor, not a mascot”). She served on City Council for six years with Dana Williams and four years with Andy Beerman. Based on her experience and knowledge of both Dana and Andy’s abilities to analyze, compromise, collaborate and govern one might characterize her endorsement as thought provoking, concise, forceful, insightful, perhaps even “nasty” — if it seems to be hitting a little too close to home — but certainly not “just plain” anything!

Christopher Wickland, Nasty’s husband
Park City

Beerman is ready to lead


We all know that Park City is fortunate to have two great candidates running for mayor, I consider both friends and believe both will do a great job for this community. So how do we pick just one!

The mayor’s job requires endless energy, relentless passion and a willingness to dig deep into issues locally and throughout the region. This is not a position for the faint of heart and I know Andy has the heart to guide PC into the future. Andy is involved and current in our community, he will not need to catch up.

If I was at the races with one last dollar to bet on a horse, I would pick the three year to win! Andy is already out of the gate and ready to take the lead.

Charlie Sturgis
Park City

Williams is voice for people


Unlike many, I grew up in Park City, and my little brother was born there. We were raised by a single parent who woke up before dawn and often came back after dark to ensure we had equal access to things often regarded as inherently available, such as team sports and foreign language classes. Despite its superior clearance and dominion in four feet of snow, our 10+ year old Subaru inspired an antithetical response in other parents when offering their children a ride. Their loss. For much of my young adult life, Dana Williams was Mayor. What this meant for me, was that we had a voice. My mother and I, 1980’s Subaru lovers, Spanish speakers, High-Life drinkers, caviar eaters, and Range Rover drivers all had a voice, heard equally. I have since jumped ship to UCLA, then UCL, based in London where I make my home. Watching the political convulsions and virulent division in my home country from afar has been a deeply emotional process. Park City was built in the depths of silver mines and now perches on the top of Rossignols. Its history is as manifold as its residents. Knowing that there is a candidate that will be as apt to engage in formative discussion on adversary thoughts as he is fresh tracks on a bluebird powder day, gives me great hope and greater pride to endorse Dana Williams for Mayor.

Chloe Tolman

Teachers appreciate salary raise


We, the teachers, would like to thank Superintendent Ember Conley and the Board of Education for our raise this year. We are thrilled to be the highest paid teachers in the state! We appreciate the recognition of our efforts, hard work and professionalism. We feel valued and appreciated.

Michelle Owen and teaching staff
Trailside Elementary School

Beerman has earned a promotion


Are you tired of being tertiary to the outside influences and interests that are now dominating our mountain home? I have attended, and spoken at, many City Council meetings in the past, and find the current Council to be a local-centric body, tackling head-on many of the effects of this growth. In particular, I find that Andy is always prepared and ready to discuss the current issue du jour. In the corporate world, the possibility of advancement is part of our culture…or the talent goes elsewhere. The same goes for public service. After 6 years on the Council and sitting on other Boards and Commissions, I think Andy has well-earned a “promotion” to Mayor. He has proven to be a vocal force for all things local…be it limiting chain stores in Old Town, banning single-use plastic bags, advancing green technology, remanding the Kimball Garage outdoor deck back to Planning, advocating for open space, including the Library Field, and many others things we locals consider fundamental to maintaining the lifestyle we have come to depend on. Dana did a great job growing this town…Andy will do a great job managing and mitigating that growth.

Ed Parigian
Old Town

Meat industry is scary


I have no fear of goblins, witches, or evil clowns lurking on Halloween. What really scares me is the meat industry.

This is the industry that deprives, mutilates, cages, then butchers billions of cows, pigs, turkeys, chickens — animals who feel joy, affection, sadness, and pain, as we do, that exposes undocumented workers to chronic workplace injuries at slave wages, and exploits farmers and ranchers by dictating market prices…

The industry that contributes more to our epidemic of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer than any other, then bullies health authorities to remove warnings from dietary guidelines…

That sanctions world hunger by feeding nutritious corn and soybeans to animals, instead of people…

The industry that generates more water pollution than all other human activities, that spews more greenhouse gases than all transportation, that destroys more wildlife habitats than all other industries.

These are the things that keep me up at night.

Fortunately, my local supermarket offers a rich selection of plant-based meats, milks, cheeses, and ice creams, as well as a colorful display of fresh fruit and veggies. It gives me hope and courage for my future. But I still fear for my friends and neighbors.

Paxton Ryker
Park City

Beerman is engaged and responsive


I have cast my vote for Andy Beerman. I chose Andy because I want to look forward with optimism. I respect the civil servant he has been as an engaged and responsive city councilman for the past 6 years. I appreciate his ability to understand the current issues, his willingness to listen to varying opinions, and then come up with strategic solutions to increasingly complex issues. I value the respectful working relationships he has built locally and regionally which will continue to allow him to be effective and impactful in representing the needs of our community.

I love that Andy likes to think of Park City as more park than city, and that when he has free time he is out recreating in it. I believe his energy, intelligence, and genuine desire to serve will prove him well as the prospective new mayor of our town.

Karen Marriott
Park City

Beerman has proven record


We are supporting Andy Beerman for Mayor for these reasons:

Andy has a proven track record of bringing together diverse groups with varying interests to form solid, forward thinking solutions to our unique town.
Andy understands the momentum brought about by the corporate ownership of the resorts, the proximity to an international airport, the recreational opportunities and the overall lifestyle. And he understands this momentum must be constructively managed for all Parkites.

Andy is fearless and never holds a grudge. He doesn’t run and hide from controversy. When told that someone in the community doesn’t agree with his position on something his reaction is always “boy I’d really like to talk to them and get their perspective. Do you think you could set something up?”

Andy understands and helps lead the community’s efforts to protect our environment on many fronts; purchase of open spaces, improvements to transit, bag ban, net zero by 2032 and the list goes on and on.

Andy is working to maintain a “real” Park City community by supporting efforts to make living here more affordable to a wider range of people.
Andy has a sense of humor and enjoys and respects the many characters that make up this town.

If you want to keep Park City, Park City, then we must vote for the leader that shows us how to do that everyday. Vote Andy Beerman for Mayor.

Paul Kirwin and Alison Child
Park Meadows

Progress began under Williams


I am writing to add my support to Dana Williams for the next Mayor of Park City. I have known Dana for over 20 years, and I am constantly awed and impressed by his passion, commitment and dedication to the town, but most importantly, to the people who make Park City what it is.

I am also surprised at the rhetoric I have been hearing during this campaign and the apparent short-term memory of our voters. I have seen many references to the things that have been accomplished by the current government since Dana has been out of office (affordable housing, energy efficiency, sustainability) — and Mayor Jack Thomas and the current council have certainly done a lot to move these initiatives forward. But let us not forget where the vision and insight originated for these ideas. It was under Dana’s leadership, and through his tireless commitment to listen to constituents and understand their ideas and concerns, that these issues came to the prominence and importance that they have today. It is horribly myopic of us to forget how hard Dana worked for these things and it is completely disingenuous to claim that these issues have only been moved forward since Dana left office.

With these thoughts in mind, I would pose the question of who do we want at the helm of the city as we work to address the next 10 years, and the myriad of new problems the city will face. To me the answer is clear — Dana.

David Staley
Park City

Dana takes the high ground


I am writing to give my support to Dana Williams for mayor. I have known Dana since I was 5 or 6 years old when he taught McPolin’s entire 1st and 2nd grade classes “Surfin U.S.A” by the Beach boys. I mean, if he can herd 200 or so crazy little kids, get them to behave and to sing, imagine what he can do working with city council. He has been a part of the community for as long as I can remember and he truly knows what makes Park City tick. He understands that to be an upstanding citizen in this town has nothing to do with being, “an incredible athlete, or being filthy rich,” but rather working hard and playing harder. He has shown his commitment to us hard working and playing Parkites through his exemplary record regarding open space designation and conservation. He has an eye for what best benefits the town. For example, when Vail tried to take over our identity, it wasn’t the current city council or Mayor Thomas that stood up for us; it was local activism with Dana at the helm.

In addition, Dana is the only candidate to continually take the high ground in this election. I am ashamed at the vitriol I find on facebook and in the Park Record coming from the opposition. In a small town election, the rhetoric should be civil. While we may not agree with each other today, we will still be neighbors tomorrow. We have no room for Trumpist political rhetoric in this town and the fact that no one from the Beerman camp has denounced these distasteful comments shows a complete lack of integrity needed to serve in public office. I’m voting for Dana not only because he is the most qualified, but because he is the only candidate to show some class in this election.

Bransford Briggs
Old Town

Suicide prevention efforts are welcome


As Executive Director of an organization dedicated to the mental health and wellness of Summit County residents, I was extremely pleased to read about the successful organization and launch of the student HOPE squads at Park City High School, Treasure Mountain, and Ecker Hill Middle School in the October 25, 2017 edition of the Park Record. Suicide is not only the 10th leading cause of death among adults in the U.S., but in Utah, it is the leading cause of death for children ages 10-18. 90% of those dying by suicide often have an underlying mental health challenge. I applaud the Park City School District for adding counselor capabilities, Samantha Walsh for her tireless efforts to coordinate, mentor, and lead the High School HOPE Squad, and Alyssa Mitchell of the Summit County Health Department, for spearheading the district-wide QPR Suicide Prevention Training, which laid the necessary groundwork for the emergence of HOPE Squads. I am impressed by the dedication, humility, and passion displayed by the many students serving on the newly formed Hope Squads. By providing these students with the training, education, and resources to identify and lend help to their struggling peers, lives can be changed and saved. Thank you to everyone involved and committed to these efforts — you are making our schools safer and healthier for all of our outstanding students.

Shauna Wiest
Executive director, CONNECT Summit County


A better idea for ski season traffic

Another ski season is approaching. And with it, the weekday convergence of school and industry traffic that routinely turns Kearns Boulevard into a parking lot each morning and each afternoon.  

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