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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 13-16, 2014


Don’t let Kimball Art Center leave Main Street


I am not one to write letters to the editor, but the recent headline that the Kimball Art Center is planning to leave Old Town made me choke on the Planning Commission’s short sightedness. In my opinion it would be a travesty for Park City and Old Town should the KAC relocate to another area of Park City.

I can’t think of a better anchor to Main Street and hope the City can find a meaningful way to reignite the process with the KAC. I haven’t been following every detail of the process because it never occurred to me that Park City would be playing it safe in context of a center for the arts, especially one that has been such an extraordinary citizen of the community for so many years. Art and architecture is subjective.

Whether you find the design exemplary, deficient or bland, let’s give locals and our domestic and international visitors something interesting to look at and discuss. I don’t recall when playing it safe got anyone on the map or kept them there.

Jennifer Sletten Sachs

Longtime resident of Park City and Summit County

* * *

Do your duty, prepare to vote

Our country is in deep trouble… with massive debt, clueless politicians, moral decline, and now the threat of foreign aggressors at our doorstep.

It is a time for Americans to step up and start to make things right. In our election this Fall, it is crucial for us to elect good men and women who understand the proper role of government.

We have a president who it appears is not even qualified to be in office. He has offered zero transparency as he promised.

Obama cannot prove his status as a natural born citizen as is required by the US Constitution, he has a fraudulent Social Security number, a bogus Selective Service card, he can provide no transcripts for this education, he was disbarred from practicing law, he values playing golf and vacationing on our dime more than solving world problems… How bad can it get?

Our US system of checks and balances makes it imperative that the Congress takes action against abuse by the Executive Branch. And the way to have that happen is to put in office those who will stand up for the right.

Please educate yourself as we approach election season this November, and vote in a way that will preserve liberty and save our republic from the destruction taking place presently.

Captain Jim Green

Heber City

* * *

KAC should pay more attention to us than global art world


I’m beginning to think the Kimball Art Center was more concerned with impressing the international art world than they were with serving their own community. Perhaps KAC should consider submitting a design that’s more in keeping with Main Street’s well-documented rules and guidelines before they flounce away in anger. Just an idea.

Victoria Grondahl

Park City

* * *

Utahns shouldn’t fear Medicaid expansion


In the Aug. 27 edition of the Wasatch Wave, Utah Representative Kraig Powell stated: "The biggest argument for doing something like the Healthy Utah plan in Utah is that citizens of our state are paying more than $250 million in taxes to the federal government under the ACA [Affordable Care Act] without receiving any of that money back through Medicaid expansion benefits."

The reason Utah is not getting the Medicaid expansion money returned is because Governor Herbert, Representative Powell, Senator Van Tassel, and many other like minded legislators do not want Medicaid expansion nor affordable health care for most Utahns. "Earmarked" monies will not be returned to the state unless it participates in the program the money is "earmarked" for.

The Healthy Utah Plan is unnecessary work, causing unnecessary delays in Utahans getting health care. The Medicaid program is in place and working. It just got bigger.

Fear that the state will be left holding the bag for the total cost of Medicaid Expansion if the US Congress does not fund it is a false fear. The Affordable Care Act says that the Medicaid Expansion will be funded 100 percent for the first three years by the federal government. Then the federal government pays 90 percent of it and the state pays 10 percent forever. If Congress fails to fund it, ten percent of nothing is still nothing.

Accepting the federal Medicaid expansion as written in the ACA will provide affordable health care to approximately 140,000 Utahans. The bulk of the cost will be borne by the federal government, not the state of Utah. Acceptance of the federal Medicaid expansion is a winning proposition for Utah and its citizens who need assistance for health care.

Wayne Stevens

Candidate Utah Senate Dist. 26

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