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Letters: Treasure development would have ‘significant impact’ on all of Park City

Significant impact

As a Park Meadows resident, I am not in the same neighborhood as the potential Treasure project but I think it will have a significant impact on everyone in Park City, locals, tourists and businesses. Because of this, I am strongly in favor of the bond.

A no vote on this bond will result in massive and intense construction directly above the town lift base, blasting and digging almost a million cubic yards of material. Add dust, noise, cranes, thousands of concrete trucks, and tremendous amounts of steel to complete buildings as high as 12 stories. Worst case, imagine what happens if construction gets partially completed when the next big recession hits. How long will we have to look at that huge mess before someone steps in to take over the project.

This relatively modest tax increase, which I see as an investment in our future, won’t last forever. Previous bonds are being retired, so in six years we will be back to today’s tax rate. Huge developments like this cost the community more than they bring in. Our community will have to pay for massive infrastructure projects, road repairs, and increased services like snow plows and police. These ongoing costs will never retire.

Our economy will likely suffer because people will not want to vacation in the midst of 7-10 years of construction right above Main Street. We have spent decades of time and money protecting Park City’s historic district. It is one of the things that makes us unique and attractive to tourists.

In Park City our quality of life and our economy both benefit from open space. Please vote YES.

Bill Cunningham
Park Meadows


Elect an expert

Park City students deserve the very best. Since the Park City School Board makes the big decisions that affect all the kids, it needs qualified members. Kara Hendrickson has experienced the PCSD from two perspectives: as a parent who enrolled her kids in the Park City schools and as a teacher in the Park City schools. She recently retired after 30 years of teaching, but she wants to continue to serve the community as a member of the school board. She knows what takes place in the classroom and she is ready to make sure our teachers have what they need to succeed. We are fortunate to have an opportunity to elect a true education expert to our school board. Vote for Kara Hendrickson (District #4).

Jim Tedford
Park City


Give to PC if you live in PC

I love living in Park City. As one sage I know says “If you’re lucky enough to live in Park City, you’re lucky enough.” But much of our luck is a result of the efforts of the nonprofit organizations that make this such a fantastic place. I feel it’s my responsibility to pay it back so they can continue their hard work. I hope you agree.

Coming up on Friday, Nov. 9, there’s a perfect opportunity to appreciate and support the organizations you love. Park City Community Foundation is once again leading Live PC Give PC, a day of giving when everyone can donate online to over 100 local nonprofits. This year, instead of a dollar goal, the emphasis is on participation with the hope there will be 4,500-plus donors. Please be one of those donors, at any contribution amount, and we can crush that target.

I plan to donate to many of my favorites, including National Ability Center, where my son is a volunteer and has been a participant; Mountain Town Music, which has offered my daughter many opportunities to perform; KPCW, which I listen to every day for news and music; and Summit Land Conservancy, which protects the open space I love.

I urge you to support your favorites also. Please join the fun by going to livepcgivepc.org and donating to the causes that matter most to you.

Steve Spaulding
Jeremy Ranch


Out of the weeds

OK Park City it’s time to get out of the Treasure Hill weeds and see this bond for what it really means to all of us.

Let’s skip past all the arguments, contrary facts and finger pointing and lets look at Treasure Hill as the emotional issue it is to the PC community.

Think of Treasure Hill as our child to rear, to nurture, to insure its health and wellbeing and preserve its future. As parents we would protect this child from unnecessary impacts and long term harm. Upwards of a million square feet when finished and endless amounts of noise and dust for almost 10 years is both impactful and harmful to our community.

As parents and future parents are we willing to pay $194 a year to ensure the health and safety of our child? YES! As parents and future parents, we all know that 15 years will pass in the blink of an eye and so will the Treasure Hill bond.

Treasure Hill will belong to all of us, vote yes for the Treasure Hill bond and lets save this baby!

Charlie Sturgis
Mountain Trails Foundation executive director


Voice of reason

Please join me in voting for Eileen Gallagher for Utah State Senate District 26 in November. Her perspective on issues would be a welcome voice of reason in the Utah State Senate. Her moderate, sensible views reflect her calm demeanor and her extensive education and experience as a Medical Doctor who has worked for many years in health policy. She’ll be able to work across party lines to establish legislation that benefits all Utahns.

The “good old boys” have held the reins long enough. They need to go away and do something else while smart, empathetic, well-educated people begin to enact inclusive policies and laws that serve us all. In this election, with amazing citizen initiatives on the ballot, her vast experience in health policy and her passion for education will be invaluable as the Utah State Senate turns our votes into reasonable, wise public policy.

Eileen Gallagher is my hope to get wise representation for Summit County in the Senate. Please join me in voting for her.

Sally Elliott
Park City


Tone deaf

While I have submitted letters to the Park Record over the years I have refrained from addressing politics or politicians. But this time I cannot. In an interview with CBS on Sunday, Hilary Clinton stated that as President, Bill Clinton’s sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky was not an abuse of power. Good to know.

In my 40 years in the corporate world it was never acceptable and almost universally against policy to for a boss to have a relationship with an employee. It is an important policy. Failure to uphold the policy is absolutely an abuse of power. This is a binary … right and wrong policy.

I voted for Bill Clinton the first time, but his inexcusable abuse of power … having a sexual relationship with a white house intern was simply unacceptable.  

Hilary’s comments were tone deaf. How patently wrong could she be in this statement? It never ceases to amaze me how willingly blind some people can be to the realities staring them in the face.  

Jim Arnold
Park City

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