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Letters: UDOT project on S.R. 248 is a pain

Summit Park roads need more than patch jobs


Please help me, I see that Pinebrook and other subdivisions get paved.

But here in Summit Park we see a paving job of 50 feet and then after 800 feet another 25 feet.

It’s amazing that they can do all that re-paving on 224 both North and South and that with all that paving every couple of years they should have some leftover asphalt.

I am assuming that people are paying their taxes in Summit Park and this should not be a “patching and fixing” situation. These roads need paving.

With paved roads the area will look beautiful, let’s spruce it up!

Wayne Schreck
Summit Park


Image Reborn grateful for support


Park City Women’s League 9 was highlighted in the Park Record’s July 14-17 edition for hosting its annual “Tea for TaTas” fundraiser on July 10 at the Park City Golf Course. Partial proceeds from this annual tea went to a local non-profit, Image Reborn Foundation. Image Reborn provides free renewal retreats in Park City for breast cancer survivors. The Foundation depends upon donations, such as that from the Park City Women’s League 9, to ensure that these retreats are free for any woman who has ever been diagnosed with breast cancer. These monthly retreats provide massages, facials, meditation and bonding with other women who have been through the

rigors of breast cancer. Local homes are donated so that these ladies can receive much needed relaxation and pampering. To apply for a weekend, donate your home or provide financial donations, please see the following website: http://www.imagerebornfoundation.org or call Faye Keller at 801.867.0332.

Faye Keller
Image Reborn Foundation


Police blotter item disturbing


I found it really disturbing to read in the July 17 police blotter that someone called the police to complain about a movie being shown outside on Kearns Boulevard on July 14, because of the volume. This obviously was the Park City Film Series/Basin Recreation’s showing of the Spanish-language version of the film “Coco” at the Aspen Villas Apartments. God forbid the residents there, who are mostly Latino, should be able to enjoy a free evening movie outside with their families right in their neighborhood. Just like others enjoy movies in City Park or at the Basin Recreation Fieldhouse; or concerts at Deer Valley, Park City and Canyons. Whoever made that call to complain is a miserable, pathetic human. Welcome to Park City, hatefulness and bigotry.

Peter Kemp
Deer Mountain


UDOT project is a pain


Dear UDOT —

Thank you sooooo much for doing the chip seal on S.R. 248 from U.S. 40 to Kamas.

We appreciate all of the traffic delays, the dust cloud all along the road, the chips flying up ticking the paint of our cars, the chips hitting and putting nicks in our windshields, the increased noise inside our cars with the windows up so we can barely hear to talk, the increased noise in our homes with the windows closed, the fact that it’s now impossible to sleep with our windows open, and especially that the striping is all but obliterated in areas so drivers are having trouble finding their lanes (an accident waiting to happen).

This shows no consideration or concern for the residents all along S.R. 248, not to mention wondering why repair is needed two years in a row if the work was done properly the first time.

We incurred UDOT’s wrath last summer and feel so grateful to experience this again.

Oh, I forgot. UDOT doesn’t care.

Judi Fey


Wildlife deaths are concerning


I recently moved to Kamas and travel daily along S.R. 248 and am horribly shocked by the amount of wildlife death occurring each day along this highway — both east and west sides are littered with unsightly and cruel deaths. And sadly, the carcasses often lie there for days.

With the enormous growth in construction and population going on now, Wasatch County has to have a safer corridor for both humans and wildlife to travel. Also, with the projected growth in this county over the next decade, this doesn’t seem like an unrealistic expectation. Perhaps even the fencing removed from the Jeremy Ranch corridor for the wall placement could be recycled to S.R. 248.

Our wildlife and landscape beauty of this state is unprecedented and to see it being destroyed on a daily basis on this highway is heart wrenching.

Hoping this issue has already been addressed and there are already plans to move forward with corrective action.

Midge Farkas

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