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Letters: Using gondolas in Park City to reduce traffic is example of fixing a problem with a problem

Problems breeding problems

The Park Record recently posted a poll asking “Should Park City officials consider gondolas as a way to reduce traffic?”

This is a classic example of a problem trying to be fixed by another problem. Let’s rewind … Why is there a traffic problem?

A) Because Park City continues to promote people coming to Park City (to drive revenue)?

B) Because the town, the roads, and the infrastructure was never designed to handle this level and capacity of people and traffic?

C) Because the town has over built, over promoted, and overly grabbed for tax revenue at the sake of the residence?

D) Cars are having babies and need more roads

What is going to be the polling survey when we have to solve other problems like:

1) What do we do with too much trash?

2) How do we solve our waste water problem?

3) How do we handle this many cars/people in Park City?

4) How do we handle the clean water demands?

See … if you live in a four-bedroom, four-bath house, how many people can live in that house? Or … if you live in a 20-unit apartment complex, what is the maximum number of people that can live there? There are limits and Park City (a relatively small mountain community) also has limits. So why does Park City continue to make their own problems then try to create solutions with more bad ideas? When you have the answer, please let the community know. In the mean time, please stop screwing up the town.

Robert Crow

Old Town

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