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Letters: Wear a mask. Not for yourself, but for others.

Wear a mask for others

I hate wearing masks. I really hate spending my whole day wearing a mask. It makes me claustrophobic and sweaty, makes my nose itch, makes my throat dry, makes my skin tingle when I inhale too much carbon dioxide while talking. But I’d hate it much more if I inadvertently gave one of my patients COVID-19 and caused them to die. I’d hate to inadvertently give my friend or neighbor COVID-19 in the grocery store and cause them to die. If the mask was to protect me, I’d definitely take my chances. But it’s not — it’s for you and everyone else.

COVID-19 is a crazy bug that causes a huge array of symptoms. Even though you feel totally normal, there is a much higher likelihood of you having it and being contagious than you realize. Wearing a mask when around others can decrease the likelihood of you inadvertently passing them a deadly disease by as much as 90%. That seems worth it to me.

I do wear a mask in public to make a statement, but the only statement is to say that I care about you, the neighbor I don’t know … nothing more. Your servers, baristas, retail employees and everyone else wear masks simply as a sign of respect of you and your health.

I hate wearing a mask. We all hate wearing masks. But we do it out of respect for each other. I wear a mask for you. Please wear a mask for me, for your coworkers, for your fellow Parkites, and most importantly, for your loved ones.

Bill Pidwell, MD

Park City

A sincere thank you

The Park City Museum offers a sincere thank you to the people who helped with the Memorial Farewell for beloved, long-time Park City Historian Hal Compton at the Glenwood Cemetery. Friends and family gathered to share stories and memories of Hal in a place he loved and helped restore. We would like to thank the Riverhorse for catering the wonderful hors d’oeuvres, to Tom and Lynn Fey for hosting the delicious wine, and to the museum’s Glenwood Cemetery Committee for their continuing efforts to preserve this garden-like final resting place of so many of Park City’s first families.

Sandra Morrison

Park City Museum executive director

Preserve the Great Outdoors

In a time when there is so much division in the country, both sides of the United States Senate came together to vote on and pass the Great American Outdoors Act. The bill funds a backlog of Interior Department maintenance projects across government-managed lands with up to $1.9 billion per year. In addition, this bill provides $900 million in funding per year to the Land Water Conservation Fund created in 1964 enabling the LWCF to expand and establish parks spaces across the country.

The bill still has to pass the House, but should sail through that body, and believe it or not the president has tweeted that he plans to sign it.

In this tumultuous time, it is amazing to see that both parties can come together to help preserve and protect our Great Outdoors.

Colin DeFord


Herculean effort

As someone who runs a “larger” business based on local standards, including a Main Street location, I wanted to give a huge shout out to the Park City Chamber/Bureau, the Historic Park City Alliance and the Heber Valley Chamber.

Talk about pivoting to address business concerns during COVID-19! All three have been a tremendous resource with constant updates of useful information in navigating all there is in our “new normal.” I truly appreciate the herculean effort each of these organizations continues to provide to local businesses. From the bottom of my heart, a big thank you.

Nancy Seraphin


Be respectful and caring

Nineteen months ago, my life changed forever. It started with seven months of bed rest while pregnant with my twin boys. Six of those months thankfully were spent working from home and the final month was spent at St. Mark’s Hospital.

My little miracles arrived a little over two months early, weighing only 2 pounds and 3 pounds. After their three-month stay in the NICU, we were finally able to bring our little guys home on oxygen and one of them had a feeding tube.

During the first year we practiced strict social distancing to keep our little ones safe. Every cough or sneeze while in public made me jump, and a wave of fear would engulf me.

About six months ago we started finally going out and enjoying all that our beautiful town has to offer. We took the boys skiing for their first time, we went to the sabering at The St. Regis with friends, and grabbed dinner out.

Then COVID-19 hit and we reverted back to our old ways, staying inside and avoiding crowds, wiping every surface down, dousing our hands in hand sanitizer, asking that family and friends quarantine before they visited.

As the weather began to turn from the springtime chill to the sunny days of summer, we longed to take our boys on walks on the McLeod Creek Trail that sits right next to our home.

After months indoors, we finally have broken down and are now walking our favorite trail again on a daily basis. While I’m overjoyed to be outside, I’ve been frustrated and disheartened by the fact so many people are choosing not to wear a mask. I know it presents a challenge while biking, running and walking, but by simply wearing a mask as you pass others, it keeps others safe. Even if you feel you can’t be burden to wear a mask for yourself, please remember you have neighbors that have fought long and hard to be here and would really appreciate it, if you would please be a respectful and caring Parkite and wear a mask.

Tiffany Marshall

Park City

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