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Letters: When it comes to traffic on S.R. 248, the horse is out of the barn

Horse is out of the barn

My first reaction to UDOT’s design to expand S.R. 248 was “I don’t like it, and I don’t want it.” But I have changed my mind and I hope others will give it a second thought as well. Here’s why:

• The Utah Department of Transportation is an expert at designing efficient roadways.

• Demand for the expanded roadway capacity has existed for several years. And it will increase for the foreseeable future.

• Bus ridership from a Quinn’s Junction park-and-ride lot will not significantly reduce the number of private vehicles on S.R. 248 and will not alleviate congestion.

• In the event of a mass evacuation (think wildfires) congestion on S.R. 248 poses a mortal danger.

• Transforming cultural preferences from private vehicles to public transportation will take decades (if it ever happens) and in the meantime, the problem grows.

When I moved to Park City 30 years ago things were simpler. One traffic light, two lanes on S.R. 224 (and no traffic lights), and thousands of residential units in Park City and the Snyderville Basin had not been approved. My initial reaction to the UDOT S.R. 248 road expansion was nostalgic … a desire to preserve a sense of the smaller scale of EVERYTHING 30 years ago. But the horse is out of the barn and now expanding S.R. 248 is the only logical way to deal with a dangerous and inconvenient situation. Imagine if S.R. 224 were still a two-lane road … and be realistic.

Clay Stuard

Park City

Oh the inanity

Regarding a recent guest editorial, I would like to congratulate the Citizens’ Climate Lobby for one of the most inane, feel-good articles that I’ve read in a long time. The list of names and organizations, coupled with terms like bipartisan and hyper-partisan, and citing percentages of young voters, number of meetings and surveys of multinational corporations seemed to be an attempt to bludgeon me into nominating them for sainthood. I would assume that they are all vegans (cow farts, you know), have no synthetic materials in their caves or on their persons (derived from petroleum), and use bicycles as their only mode of transportation (electric cars are recharged with electricity produced from some form of hydrocarbon). Leading by example is far more effective than writing articles piled with data. Maybe Al Gore can fly us in his private jet to his mansion for another kumbaya meeting at his home.

Ken Miller

Park City

Our lifestyle choices

I was sitting down to write this letter to urge our county officials to ban single-use plastic bags. After some peer follow up and research into waste management, I am confused as to what would be the best approach. It seems that banning single-use plastic bags is just the beginning. When we ban plastic bags and stores offer at a price paper bags, we are still expanding our carbon footprint. We, the people of Summit County, need to look at our lifestyle choices or lack thereof. We need to use sustainable cloth bags and eliminate the plastic and paper bags.

Shirley Wright


American tragedy

Donald Trump, the president, is blocking the White House personnel and documents from going to Congress as requested. Michael Pompeo, the secretary of state, is requesting personnel not to testify and not giving the documents as requested by Congress. This is a most dangerous situation for the USA. When there is cooperation of various parts of government working together to defy the requests of Congress that means there is collusion. Just as a reminder the Constitution set up a system of checks and balances which is not being adhered to at this time. This turning a blind eye to the facts from the Trump supporting individuals is changing the fabric of this country. This is damaging the very essence of the USA. This is truly an American tragedy! America has a president that acts like a dictator and a large group of dedicated individuals called Trumpers that not only support and defend this behavior. This is NOT how a democracy works and will be the end to an America as I know it.

Holly A. Carlin

Park City

Celebrate on Main Street

As president and founder of one of Park City’s oldest property management companies, I’ve had the fortune over the years to get to know many of the tourists that choose to spend their vacations in Park City each year. I’ve had the opportunity to hear from them what sets Park City apart from other vacation destinations. One differentiator that always rises to the top of the list is our charming Historic District. With Park City Lodging’s new Old Town office, we can see for ourselves as visitors and locals browse galleries and boutiques, have breakfast, lunch and dinner, or enjoy a number of experiences together. In short, what I’m seeing is memories being made, and I see my longtime friends and neighbors who are business owners on Main Street smiling as they share their venture with our customers.

As we approach the holiday season, it’s a great opportunity to support our local businesses. Each year we seem to be drowning more and more in the wasteful industry of online shopping. Main Street has a great variety of gifts for every price point and with the fun events in Old Town, it’s a great year to challenge yourself to do your holiday shopping locally. Don’t forget we get to enjoy free parking until 5 p.m. in China Bridge and Swede Alley PLUS the first hour of parking is free. There will be festivities continuing on Main Street throughout December. Stop into local shops for a cup of hot chocolate or bring the kids to Park City Lodging, 820 Park Ave. to write letters to Santa!

Rhonda Sideris

Park City

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