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Letters: Who is at the wheel in Park City

Who’s at the wheel

It appears that the majority of Park City drivers have chosen to ignore normal rules of the road in favor of a “Me First“ approach. These days it is very much the exception to see a vehicle actually stop at a stop sign and yield to traffic on the right or to drive at or below the speed limit in a congested neighborhood. I used to think it was just contractor’s trucks driving like this, but now it seems that everything from Teslas to Toyotas are guilty.

This behavior is extremely noticeable at certain intersections such as the MARC, Monitor Avenue at the LDS church, and the American Saddler/Meadows intersection.

Even public figures demonstrate that their schedules are apparently more important than abiding by the driving rules.

Honestly, friends, are you really in that much of a hurry that you cannot take that extra 10 seconds to be a safe and courteous driver? Remember, your neighbors are watching you.

David and Jane Gorrell
Park Meadows


Rebuttal to a rebuttal

In his rebuttal to the FOR argument for the Open Space Bond, Mr. Streamer takes issue with the size comparison between the proposed Treasure Hill Development and Walmart. He quotes the Walmart square footage like ours as 178,000 square feet and that the multiple should be 5 times rather than the 10 times used in the FOR argument. Mr. Streamer further states that this calls into question the validity of other facts presented by the bond supporters. Mr. Streamer is incorrect; the Walmart square footage at Kimball Junction, quoted by their manager to THINC members, is 104,000 square feet. To independently verify this, I visited the Walmart store and took my own measurements which confirmed the 104,000 square feet number. So the multiple between the proposed Treasure Hill development and Walmart would therefore be approximately 10 times. So who has their facts right? You be the judge.

Arnie Rusten
Old Town

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