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Letters: Whom, exactly, is Mitt Romney representing?

Whom is Romney representing?

I own a successful small business headquartered in Park City. My company does federal government contracting. I recently had the opportunity to attend the National Small Business Association (NSBA) conference in Washington, D.C., where I was afforded the opportunity to meet with two of Senator Romney’s staff members who let me know that Senator Romney sits on the Senate Small Business Committee. I requested that Senator Romney, during the August recess, attend a meeting of approximately 100 small business owners in Utah who participate in the SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) program. Collectively, these businesses represent thousands of Utah jobs and likely well over $100 million in annual revenue. Senator Romney’s staff members have dragged their feet on committing to this meeting, and recently let me know that Senator Romney had 50-plus requests for meetings plus town hall meetings scheduled. They have now stopped communicating at all. My question is this — if Senator Romney is on the Senate Small Business Committee yet he cannot commit to meeting with 100 Utah small businesses to inform himself on small business issues so that he can better represent Utah small businesses in Washington (his committee assignment), then just whom is he representing? Certainly not Utah small business.

Robert M. Chamberlain
Park City

Record reflection

I find myself in complete agreement with the sentiments expressed by Michael Smith in a guest editorial in the July 1 issue of The Park Record, in which he complained about the ever-increasing leftish bias in the paper. We’d like to believe the paper serves the entire community, not just our liberal friends.

As I perused the most recent editions of The Park Record Op Ed sections, however, my eye was drawn immediately to the political cartoons, almost all of which are anti-conservative. And I began to think about the recent story of the misguided senior at the high school who believed that a meeting of conservative students posed a danger to the student body that could be abated only by discharging pepper spray at them.

How could he have possibly thought he was doing something unobjectionable? Was it something he heard in conversations at home or discussions heard in classrooms, or was it listening to uncritical news coverage of mayhem committed by Antifa nihilists, or perhaps the outrageous treatment of conservatives in public places that goes with nary a criticism in the mainstream press?

Then, as I returned to the Op Ed page cartoons, a disturbing thought occurred to me: Could the tenor and tone of the cartoons influence attitudes in the community regarding acts of violence? If my memory serves, nearly every one of the cartoons appearing in The Park Record for the last two years (and beyond) deride, ridicule and mock conservative public figures and ideas with twisted caricatures and distorted premises. Yet we never see cartoons of, for example, President Obama’s promise that if we like our insurance plan and doctor we can keep them. Or Joe Biden’s policy flip flops on China and abortion. Or Elizabeth Warren’s self-serving preposterous claim of Native American heritage. The above and more like them are legitimate subjects for political humor. The list is endless but beyond the ideologically limited curiosity of the editorial staff.

So perhaps when we search for the many answers as to why some in our town might think that the ends justify the means in this politically charged environment, The Park Record staff might just pause and reflect.

Bill Redkey
Heber City

Cash grab

Soooooo. Joe Biden’s Utah campaign stop is in — wait for it — Park City? Home to 5,000 or so voters? Reminds me of Hillary’s Utah campaign stop, which was also … Park City. And I’m also reminded that Park City is the second home of a handful of hugely wealthy campaign donors. Coincidence? I think not.

Joe, at least, has the sense to make some public appearances while he’s here, having learned from Hillary that trying to hide what you’re doing in Park City is a bad idea.

Tom Horton
Park City

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