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Letters: With their rights under attack, women must step up and run for office

Women must step up

I call upon all the women of Utah. It is the right of each woman to have safe, legal abortions as part of health care. Going back before Roe V. Wade when women died from an abortion in large numbers is unconscionable. There must be women that do not want the federal or the state government to be ruling the health care of a women’s body. The Republicans’ direction is once again overreaching and destroying women’s health care and against the Affordable Care Act which provides the insurance for pre-existing conditions is now writing off a safe abortion. This is what Utah is getting from the elected officials both on a state and federal government level. Women can get out and vote and change it. The current Republicans, both state and federal, need to be voted out of office. New voices must be heard. My hope is that women will step up and run for elected offices on all levels. Holly A. Carlin
Park City

Devastating consequences

For most people, plastic is something that we use in our everyday lives. A study conducted by Milo Cress, teenage founder of the Be Straw Free campaign revealed that 500 million plastic straws are used by Americans on a daily basis. Plus, an estimated 1 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide each year! Yet, this material that we consider “safe” can tamper with the health of us humans, and the health of wildlife. Plastic water bottles and food containers consist of a harmful compound called BPA. This chemical can be absorbed by the human body by seeping into the food or water a human digests, and is linked with cases of high blood pressure and even cancer. Also, plastic has been known to be eaten by wildlife. Recently, a pregnant sperm whale washed up, dead, on an Italian Island on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Two-thirds of her stomach was jammed with plastic. This is evidence enough that plastic can have devastating consequences on us and our environment. I hope that by reading this you yourself can help make our world a little greener.
Shiva Minter
McPolin Elementary School

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