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A political fairy tale that may not have happy ending

The Park Record editorial, Dec. 28, 2016 – Jan. 2, 2017

John White, Midway

Once upon a time, there was a country that had experienced several decades of declining prosperity of the middle class; the disenfranchisement of minorities and the poor; years and years of acting as the world’s policemen compiling trillions of dollars of national debt, all of which resulted in an unforgiving anger by the people towards their government’s inability to meet the needs of its citizens. Half of the populous wanted a radical departure from a “do-nothing government as usual status “and like a Phoenix that rose from the ashes, a leader of the people appeared and became their Messiah to lead them to the promise land of milk and honey!

His followers did not care if he said things that were not entirely true; as long as it was what they wanted to believe was true. They did not care if he had a past of degrading women and minorities. They did not care if he made preposterous statements to build a wall separating Mexico and his country in order to stop illegal immigration and pass the costs of construction on to the Mexican government. They did not care if he made statements to deport all undocumented immigrants without a specific plan to identify, administer, transport and pay costs for his plan. They did not care if he disclosed his past Income Tax statements to prove that he had in fact, paid his fair share of federal income tax like every other presidential candidates had in the past. They did not care if he had any experience in governing people or military service to better understand the needs of the common working citizen and for keeping the country safe from terrorism. For better or worse, he was their Messiah!

Although the country was a democracy by definition, where a simple majority is the modus operandi for most decisions concerning the welfare of the citizenry; it functioned as a republic in governmental matters. In the 2016 Presidential election year, the people’s leader did not win the popular vote; however his followers were most influential in convincing enough of the citizenry to vote for him in each state, thus capturing the Electoral College vote. His followers received a big congratulations from him; in fact he held post-election victory rallies honoring their efforts. An unprecedented act in modern politics!

After the 2016 presidential election ended, half of the citizenry of the country was ecstatic, obviously a greater disappointment for the other half. A polarized country in dogma before the election remained after the election. The one major question that remained for both political factions was how efficiently would a person with no governmental experience be received by his fellow legislators as well as other world leaders?

All good fairy tales, end with good triumphing over evil or with a promise that all will live happily ever after, right? But this is NOT a typical fairy tale and it is just beginning. The verdict is still out on what kind of America will be under a Trump leadership? I was not an ardent opponent of Trump as a candidate, but I am now a supporter of Trump as the President Elect. I want President Trump to succeed. Why? Because for my sake and the future sake of my children, grandchildren, and most importantly all citizens of America. If President Trump is able to enact domestic and international policies that will restore and grow the prosperity of the middle class, he will truly fulfill his promise to “Make America Great Again.”

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