Besides Mom, there are lots of others to thank on Sunday |

Besides Mom, there are lots of others to thank on Sunday


In anticipation of this Sunday, when mothers will be temporarily elevated to the status of sainthood, let’s take a moment to be completely honest. Moms are not saints especially when they have to leave for work at the same time their kids are getting on the school bus, and extra-especially when they get home from the office at 6 p.m. and are as tired, cranky and hungry as the rest of the family.

We will let the sociologists of the next century determine whether "working mothers" of the 21st century performed incredible feats of heroism or did irreparable damage to the social fabric of the nuclear family, but for the moment, working moms are an indispensable part of Park City’s workforce and of their families.

So this Sunday we recommend celebrating, not only those women with whom we share bedrooms and boardrooms, but also the kids, dads, bosses and co-workers who make it possible.

Kudos to the administrators who allow employees to take unplanned trips to their children’s pediatricians, and to workplaces that allow kids to hang out when the babysitter cancels unexpectedly.

A million thanks to the secretaries and receptionists who take phone calls from toddlers and put them through as top priority and to associates who respond to someone else’s family emergency with a sincere, "Don’t worry, I’ll close up the shop."

Thanks to the politicians who have supported legislation like the Family Leave Act, to employers who are willing to adjust a worker’s hours to coincide with the school day, to physicians, orthodontists and counselors who schedule office hours during weekends and evenings to accommodate a working mom’s already full schedule.

And, one last thing — thanks to the fathers, too, who likely imagined they would be king of the castle but quickly realized that parenting is a job-share proposition. The dads get extra credit for taking their share of calls from irate teachers and picking up take-out when no one has time to cook.

This Mother’s Day we suggest that everyone take a deep breathe and share a moment of mutual admiration.

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