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Editorial: Parkites take a day to indulge in giving


The spirit is contagious. Over the last five years the Park City Community Foundation’s day of giving has grown in both recipients and donors. Last year, for the first time, the event surpassed the million dollar mark and, this Friday, the foundation is counting on residents to set an even bigger benchmark.

Live PC Give PC, as it is known locally, generates donations for more than 80 local nonprofit organizations that support everything from low-cost health care to free concerts. Participating groups also train search-and-rescue dogs, staff food pantries, maintain trails and provide youth sports programs in everything from rowing to ski jumping.

The massive, community-wide fundraising effort allows locals to cheer for their favorite charities and is structured to generate friendly rivalries. Each year, bragging rights and bonuses are doled out to the nonprofits that earn the biggest payday and rally the most fans.

But even the smaller organizations say the day is about more than money. Live PC Give PC highlights the role that nonprofits play in our community and establishes a philanthropic role model for future generations.

Far from the typical black tie event, on Friday, Park City nonprofits will be taking it to the streets with offers of peppermint lattes, kids dressed up as vegetables (to encourage healthy diets of course), crafts made from recyclables, karate exhibitions and kids waving flags on street corners.

Top it all off with an online minute-by-minute ticker tape of the donations rolling in and it is hard, if not impossible, to resist the tidal wave of local generosity.

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If you haven’t donated in the past, make this year your first. Even if you are a frequent flyer, take this opportunity to also lift the bottom line of one of the community’s new or less well known nonprofits. The beauty of Live PC Give PC is that there is no cover fee or opening bid and even a small contribution, bundled with similar ones from your neighbors, can make a difference.

Whether the mission is protecting open space, offering therapeutic art classes, funding sports program scholarships or sending eyeglasses to needy communities abroad, Park City’s constellation of nonprofits make the future brighter for all of us.

Live PC Give PC takes place this Friday, Nov. 6, from 12:01 a.m. to midnight. For more information and to donate visit livepcgivepc.org