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Guest Editorial

Dear Teri:

I’m sorry you felt a need to spend so much ink defending yourself to another individual who simply expressed a common concern of many who feel they, too, are being attacked personally for their beliefs. Perhaps you felt a need to defend yourself as a knee-jerk reaction. That would be understandable. Perhaps you meant to bring attention to the infrequently used blogspace associated with this paper. Either way, you elevated a discussion to the printed editorial page that (at least partially) only time will adjudicate.

Your views or their views are simply that. Personal views. Their conservative, insulated views are shared by just as many as your broader, liberal views.

As my friend Walter Cronkite says to those who brand his liberal views as just this side of leading the pinkos: "A liberal, as defined by Webster’s is ‘not bound by authoritarianism, orthodoxy, or traditional forms’."

I can see how many of those with similar conservative views to "anonymous" would feel threatened by a broader discussion. It is part of their nature to remain conservative and insulated in their views as if they view the world through a peephole on their door instead of a picture window.

What is really going on out there is often hard to understand and assimilate. I doubt you fully know of and understand the current intentions and agenda of the "powers that be." You can’t blame others for their desire to remain in denial. They have a right to see things that way and comment on it. I personally don’t agree with them any more than you do, but I’d rather bring the comment to life on these pages with an invitation to continue the dialogue instead of using the space to defend your natural rights and virtues.

While I can appreciate your anger over the cloaked identity of the individual making the comment, I hope you will agree that remaining anonymous is anyone’s right and does not change the value of the perspective. I should point out that the blogspace used by The Park Record makes it difficult to leave an ID. It’s a simple matter of clicking a button to remain anonymous — with a lowercase "a" — the

blogspace’s choice, not those commenting.

One more thing, you have the power of the paper on your side, but the rest of us have only the limited blogspace to express our views (unless this letter is published). It’s all part of free speech and leveling the playing field. You hear that, "anonymous"?

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