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Guest Editorial

Chloe Harlig, seventh grade Ecker Hill International Middle School

What would happen if it never snowed in Park City again? That would be a HUGE problem, not only for Parkites, but the whole state of Utah.

First, our economy would be tremendously affected. No more snow No more tourists during the winter. If no more snow fell, there would be no reason for tourists to come visit Park City. Every restaurant, hotel and business would go out of business from lack of customers. Park City would never be the same. The tax base would be non-existent. Park City would not collect all these taxes from businesses. Firemen, policemen and garbage men wouldn’t be able to help people in need, because the county wouldn’t be able to afford their services. If people move away because of no snow, the real estate market would go down, and we would not be able to collect property taxes. Also, Park City schools would go down the drain because if people move back to other states there would not be enough locals to pay the taxes that cover the expenses of the schools.

Second, our wonderful environment would never be the same as it is today. The snow pack would be eliminated, so we would have no runoff water. No runoff No drinking water. Can you imagine if we had no water to drink? Lakes, rivers, ponds, reservoirs, etc. would dry up causing fish and other aquatic life to die. That would stop the whole food chain. Moose, elk and deer might become endangered/extinct in Utah. If there were no water, there would be no food for them to eat.

Finally, our lifestyle would be affected. A lot of Park City’s population has moved here from other states, mostly for the snow and the experience of Park City. They have moved here though mainly for the winter activities, such as skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, ice skating, snowmobiling and sledding. If there was no snow, off they go, back to where they moved away from. There would be absolutely no recreation in the winter. Locals would probably abandon Park City. Our nice little so-called "ski town" would be a ghost town.

Every little thing can make a difference. Change two or three light bulbs in your house to compact fluorescent. If possible, make your next car a hybrid. Turn off the water in your sink while you are brushing your teeth. In the Sundance movie, "Everything’s Cool," a documentary on global warming, local Parkite Bish Neuhauser, snow groomer at The Canyons resort, is determined to convert his 1970 Mercedes and the entire Canyons’ vehicle fleet to biodiesel. I know we can do it! I know we can help slow down the effects of global warming. This is scary, but it is most definitely possible. Can you picture walking around in shorts and a tank top in the middle of December? No questions asked.

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