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Guest Editorial

I. Currently Park City is in the process, energetically, of becoming a cycling town. I support Park City becoming, also, a bicycle-friendly town. My support is reinforced by these already-in-place facts.

Park City’s stated dedication to sustainability, alternative transportation, bus service, biodiesel, wind power, improving pedestrian friendliness/bicycling friendliness, espousing/acting, "being Green."

Local resort economy: Lodging, restaurants, bike shops. Goal to assist this economy in months of year other than December, January, February, March. People from elsewhere come here to ride bicycles.

Lance Armstrong, American, seven Tour de France victories (bicycling industry explosion).

Local bike shops catering to/benefiting from growing summer season bicycle business demands.

Cycling racing events: NORBA, assorted road-race events.

Mountain Trails Foundation (nonprofit group efforts), Young Riders, Team Sugar (local competitive cycling group)

Long established w/involved local competitive riders: Tom Noaker, Thomas Cook, Peter Barquin, Todd Henneman. (and to include Eric Heiden, resident, Olympic speed skater, sponsored American on Team 7-11 in 1981 Tour de France)

Local population (growing/booming with children, and they’re Boomer parents themselves). These individuals (us) want children to have established, safe routes to school, around town, and maybe they’ll develop into future Lance Armstrongs from Park City.

II. Park City Municipal should dedicate expenditures to promote/support/act/BE a cycling town by:

Stripe bike lanes on Meadows Drive from Meadows/Lucky John connection to S.R. 224. Install bike lane signage to identify, indicate, proclaim this long stretch as "bikeable." It is within a populated residential community, riders/cyclists ride it frequently on group rides and individually. Cyclists visiting Park City know and ride it (Meadows Drive). Painting and signage — a small expense.

Work with local advocates and UDOT to apply above to S.R. 224 from Heber Avenue to first right turn into Redstone, Wild Oats, on both sides of S.R. 224.

Stripe bike lanes on S.R. 248/Kearns Blvd. starting @ Park Ave. to old Rt. 40 frontage road, just East of U.S. 40 overpass (collaboration with UDOT).

As above on Bonanza Drive south to roundabout and east out Deer Valley Drive to Snow Park Lodge and then north, essentially circumnavigating "Lower Deer Valley."

III. Make Park City known to be "cycling friendly" (economy promoting and improved resident safety). Put visually identifiable ‘notices’ of ‘bike friendliness’ out there: Painted bike lanes and signs that motorists, visitors, EVERYBODY sees will help improve safety as drivers are exposed to bicycling, and become used to it.

Of these things "kinda" existing already: Lucky John and neighborhood area Bike Lane, Meadows Drive, (edge striping, not a legally defined bike lane.) Edge striping on Park Avenue.

We’ve got an Olympic Welcome Plaza, a stainless steel sculpture on S.R. 224 south of the barn to indicate/reinforce our commitment to skiing and all it represents/promotes.

Relatively, the above requests/suggestions are inexpensive and could help our economy in the future and present.

SLC has some of these items. Park City should. The Bonneville Shoreline Trail route (in SLC) is a good example, as it proceeds from 33rd South, on Wasatch Blvd., north over I-80 (on pedestrian/bicycle bridges), continuing north through residential neighborhoods, through a golf course, to Hogle Zoo and into the Research Park, U of U complex.

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