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Guest Editorial

RICH SONNTAGPromontory managing director

Thank you for the opportunity to communicate with our valued neighbors through your newspaper and column. Clearly a public forum and an opportunity to hear and weigh all opinions are essential to any discussion surrounding issues that impact so many individuals in the area.

The public reaction to an idea Promontory proposed in a planning commission work session last month has stirred much more concern than was anticipated. We would like to dispel any idea that something more than a small landing strip was ever proposed or discussed. The views expressed regarding an airstrip at Promontory have raised important concerns such as noise, sight lines, environmental disturbance and the general question of appropriateness to our area. All of these questions were on our minds at Promontory ever since we initiated this feasibility discussion with the county and we have appreciated the feedback from our members and the local community on these issues.

Notwithstanding the feasibility of an airstrip at Promontory, we believe that being a good neighbor to a community that has welcomed Promontory so warmly far outweighs any benefits introduced by a proposed airstrip. It is clear that the airstrip idea is not generally favored by the community and therefore will be withdrawn from our proposed amendment to the Promontory Development Agreement regarding land planning of the southern portion of our property.

Thank you again for providing a balanced perspective on this issue.

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