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Guest editorial

The idea of Trump sitting in the Oval Office, with the "Red Button" in his lap, is mind-blowing. Far more than any presidential candidate we have seen in the nuclear age, he represents a "clear and present danger" of instigating global thermonuclear war. His bloated ego, and his my-way-or-the-highway, never-back-down, win-at-all-costs style begs for an international environment of nuclear brinksmanship. His trademarks are rash judgements, brutal insults, public castigations, bear-baiting, crowd inflaming, stereotyping, demeaning and a chest-beating jingoism we Americans all thought we grew out of in the sixties. This is a deadly stew and one we just can’t afford in the leader of the free world and our Commander-in-Chief.

Even a relatively contained thermonuclear war would end civilization as we know it. There will be no winners in a prolonged global nuclear winter; only massive death and suffering, and environmental damage that can never be remediated. This is not hyperbole, this is science. All because someone pushed back on The Donald, insulted him back, rattled their sabers back, finally had enough. Or more likely, just because the Donald was having one of his frequent Bad Hair/Bad Donald days, and his angry ego decided, out of the blue, to pick the fight of all fights, to push the button.

But let’s say Trump doesn’t blow us all to smithereens right away

In a world economy that is so intertwined, Trump’s win/lose approach to Trade Policy will ignite a global trade war at a nightmarish scale never seen — or even conceived of. The result will be global, cataclysmic economic turmoil and a deep, intractable worldwide perma-recession. This will completely crush any hope we have of creating a better future for the middle and lower-income segments of society here and throughout the world. And it will beget even more race and class conflict, more illegal immigration, more crime and military conflict, and more terrorism. Welcome to Trump World Ladies and Gentlemen!

Make no mistake. Trump has no personal ideology, or allegiance to anything or anyone but Trump. Period. That includes no allegiance to our Constitution. He is as cunning, as calculating and as much a genius fascist as Hitler was in his rise to power, igniting and fueling exactly the same emotions and fears. The RNC is quivering in its Gucci Loafers. He is shrewd enough to see that, at least for now, dining on the Republicans is his best meal deal, given how they have so lustily "screwed the pooch" (that would be us), and the strength of Hillary within her party.

Perhaps it’s time we Americans finally get "what’s coming to us," what our childish impatience thinks we want, something we will never forget and always regret. Our internet/social media- fueled egos are demanding carnival barkers, reality-show leaders, instantaneous gratification, politics-as-entertainment, Twitter-CNN-Facebook-GoPro-cellcam-Instagram moments, "it’s all about me" solutions to all of our problems, and "one call, that’s all" pandering by our elected leaders.

When we do get "what’s coming to us" in a President, as we are about to, things will get really bad, really fast. We will plunge into a moral and economic bottom so dark and deep that we may finally, from the depths of despair, come back to who we are. As people, as communities. As a country. Right now, we are not US. We need to get back to US. Lock arms! Don’t allow a Trump America!

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