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Guest editorial

John White, Midway

The Bush administration initially convinced Congress and the American public that Iraq’s Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction and this was a direct threat to the welfare of the United States. The monetary cost of the Iraq war and the loss of thousands of American lives have proven this to be an untrue assumption.

Now, President Obama has indicated that President Bashar Assad’s Syrian military has used poisonous weapons in order to squelch the civilian revolt and that America must stand by its credibility with the rest of the western countries by once again playing global policemen.

Since when has the Muslim world been concerned with human rights? They have been killing each other over tribal territories for centuries. Regardless of what our government says, after we leave Afghanistan, the Taliban will once again take control of the country. If Russia could not affect change, why do we think we can succeed where they could not?

Haven’t we learned our lesson by now? How many more lives have to be lost, let alone the monetary burden placed on the American public for years to come? When will we stop trying to impose our democratic values on nations of Islam? If they are truly serious about improving the human condition in their countries, then they will have to go through a revolutionary learning process much like we did in 1776!

President Obama has made reference to the Syrian government using poisonous gas weapons which is in direct violation with the Articles of the Geneva Convention. Since when does the Muslim world worry about violating the Articles of the Geneva Convention? Do terrorists worry about violating laws of human rights when engaging in acts of terror?

President Obama is worried about America’s credibility with other nations, if we do not take military action against the Syrian military. The recent action taken by the British Parliament denouncing any intervention with Syria sent a strong message to Prime Minister Cameron. Apparently they do not want another costly Iraq debacle. Does Russia or China worry about their credibility when they make statements refusing their involvement with what is going on in Syria?

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President Bush led us into a "no win" war with Iraq; let us hope that President Obama does not make the same mistake with Syria. There is still time to find a solution that is compatible with the American public. Let your congressmen know you’re tired of war. Encourage your representative to vote NO to US military intervention against Syria. This would be a face saving act for President Obama; Congress, and the American public.