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Guest Editorial

Kristen Gould Case, Highland Estates

I am a 27-year resident of Park City and a 21-year resident of Highland Estates, and love our neighborhood, its great people, great views, and laid-back atmosphere. I realized when I read an article last week which quoted several individuals’ opinions that county code-violating commercial businesses run out of homes here aren’t bothering anyone that I needed to speak up, because I have a different opinion. It bothers me. Yes, we have zoning in Highland Estates for having a trailer or a boat or horses in our yards, but our zoning specifically prohibits running large commercial businesses in the neighborhood.

Highland Estates is zoned as a residential neighborhood. That’s part of the reason I chose to live here, to raise a family in a family environment. The county development code is perfectly clear. A Class 2 Business run out of the home can consist of one employee, one work vehicle other than personal vehicles, and no work-related equipment or vehicles are supposed to be outwardly visible. (The code is on the county website at under Government/Departments/Community development/Snyderville Basin/ Development Code/Chapter 10.8.4).

A business operating on our street is in flagrant violation of the code, with six logoed pickup trucks, large trailers and equipment. Eight to 10 employees are also parking their cars every day on the street or in a neighbor’s driveway (unfortunately next to mine) instead of parking on the business owner’s lot. I contacted the business once months ago and asked them to move the cars, but they have not.

The excess cars, trucks and equipment on our street and on the business owner’s property are a blight and I feel threaten our property values. Many residents of our neighborhood have spent thousands of dollars on home renovations and their yards for general enjoyment and for keeping our home values up. The business on my street is interfering with my view, my peace of mind and my sense of safety for the kids on the road with all of the trucks and trailers pulling up and down each day.

The article quoted one individual saying, "The sight of trucks and heavy equipment are all part of the general culture of our neighborhood." I for one, disagree. The culture of our neighborhood is families riding their bicycles down the street, walking their dogs on our beloved trails, sagebrush, horses, buck fences, kids walking to school, communal mailboxes where spontaneous neighborly chats occur, sweeping mountain views, backyard gardens and block parties. This is not an appropriate location for commercial businesses with multiple vehicles and employees. And that’s why our county code plainly says so.

If there are other Highland Estates homeowners who want to keep our neighborhood residential, and to urge the county to please enforce our code, please email our County Council members with your thoughts. Their emails are listed on A county employee informed me today that Highland Estates residents will be notified by mail of a meeting in early October where we can all share our varied opinions on this matter. Thanks for listening, and long live our beautiful Highland Estates neighborhood!