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Guest editorial

Bill Humbert, Park City ,

Since the school district has not yet created its requests for proposals, not hired a construction manager, not turned over a shovel of dirt, isn’t it SMART to propose a better solution for the education of our children? Please consider these questions:

1. Ecker Hill Middle School expansion ($24,800,000)

  • Doesn’t building on this site create many problems?
  • Won’t Traffic for such a large school crush the neighborhood? Does a New York City sized school make sense in Park City?
  • Is spending two hours a day waiting and riding a bus to/from Park Meadows/Prospector/Deer Valley/Park City SMART spending for our children?
  • Is destroying popular sports fields for younger athletes SMART?

    Wouldn’t it be SMART to replace Treasure Mountain with a 5 8 grade middle school?

  • Can’t we afford two middle schools for a world class education?

    Ecker fielded a recreational swim team this summer and so did Park City Piranhas. This type of district competition is a great feeder for high school sports. Doesn’t it make more sense to spend the money on the Kearns Campus?

    2. Demolish Treasure Mountain Middle School in favor of its replacement ($606,336)

  • Is the same architecture firm making the determination the school needs to be demolished benefitting from these new and remodeled buildings? If so, is that SMART?

    3. Doesn’t the Park City High School expansion and improvements to accept freshmen make sense to expand south instead of west?

  • Isn’t there a major, large Sanitary Sewer line between the high school and Dozier Field that needs to be bridged if the school expands west? What is that cost?
  • In the plan there is now $6,360,750 for the gym and locker rooms remodel, a new wrestling room and sports equipment storage. Wasn’t the amount $1.5 million in Master Planning? Are costs already beginning to Balloon just like last time?

    4. Dozier Field

  • Doesn’t financial responsibility suggest the plan takes advantage of the $800,000 of improvements to the field and track over the past 2 years?
  • Isn’t it smarter to build locker rooms for male and female athletes, storage for football, and a room for referees of all sports at Dozier? No demolition. No need for new stands or track. Money included for new turf field in 2 years. Closer to High School. $3,000,000 (Savings – $855,000) Isn’t that SMARTer?

    5. North 40 Fields

  • If we keep Dozier Field in present location, there is no need for track since it is only 2 years old and will remain at Dozier. Doesn’t a turf field hold and radiate heat? Doesn’t it heat the rain water and increase heated water runoff in the wetlands we are trying to save? Is that SMART planning?
  • Isn’t it SMARTer to keep the fields grass for high school practice fields and youth sports? (Savings – $1,285,000)

    6. Field House

  • Would it make sense to collaborate with Park City Municipal and Basin Rec at Quinn’s Junction so it is easily available for the high school students?
  • Isn’t it SMARTer for high school students to travel 5 minutes to the field house than forcing 5, 6, 7, and 8 graders to travel 2 hours PER day to/from Ecker Hill?
  • Wouldn’t Quinn’s Junction also support conferences and celebrations with adult beverages?
  • With the $6,360,750 spent for high school athletic renovations/ $3 million for Dozier; and the bond only allows $12 million for athletic facilities isn’t $2,639,260 all that remains for the field house? Isn’t it SMART to find a sponsor and give them naming rights for construction/annual payments?

    7. Improvements to McPolin Elementary School ($1.4 million)

    Look at All of these questions? Does it make more sense to levy taxes? Won’t your bond cost more as taxes and assessments rise? Sadly yes.

    Does it make sense to be SMART with our money, our children’s education, and sports?

    Be SMART PC, Vote NO against the School Bond!