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Guest editorial

Emma Louden, Park City High School,

My name is Emma Louden and I am a student at Park City High School. I am writing to express my absolute support of the proposed bond. As a student, I am one of the ones who is in the schools every day and who can tell you firsthand that the projects this bond would fund are absolutely necessary.

Treasure Mountain needs to be torn down. The building does not have enough capacity and is not an environment that is conducive to learning. It’s dark and gloomy inside and it’s not designed to house as many students as it does today.

Park City High School needs to be added on to in order to accommodate the growing class sizes and the ninth graders that will be displaced from the demolition of Treasure. Even the best teachers can’t meet all of their students’ needs if they have a classroom with more students in it than there are desks.

The only direction to expand is into Dozier. Expansion can’t occur towards the Eccles or into the limited parking lot. And while on the surface that may seem be a problem for the community, it’s actually good because it requires the building of new athletic facilities that will bring Park City up to the standards of surrounding districts. Right now the gyms are dark and dingy and the athletic facilities are lacking. This bond will fund renovations that will bring Park City athletics to a whole new level.

I participated in all of the Master Planning Community sessions last year when this plan was being developed and I have seen this plan for what it is: our only option. There is, quite frankly, no other viable option. The schools cannot be left as is. There is too much population growth and the problem will just get worse. The district will end up expending more money in a reactive plan than they are asking for in this proactive bond and that would not benefit anyone in the community. I have also seen all the other options for where to put a school for grades five and six, or where to expand the high school, and this plan is truly the only workable one.

So I implore you to listen to your students. We are the ones who are learning in the schools every day. We are the ones fighting our way through the jammed halls of Treasure. We are the ones playing in the old rundown gymnasiums. We are the ones whose classrooms are in trailers. We are the ones with class sizes of 37 and we are the ones who will suffer if this bond does not pass. I urge you to do what is best for the education of every Park City student: Vote in favor of the bond.

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