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Guest editorial

Alex Butwinski, Park City,

Municipal elections are the foundation of representative government. Citizens grade how our elected officials are performing and what we expect of them. What has been accomplished? What is happening now? What are the plans for the future? All of the current slate of candidates are intimately aware of the pressures we face as Park City continues to grow on the global stage.

This coming Tuesday, Nov. 3, is our opportunity to validate what we see happening and to choose the individuals with a mix of experience and skills to deal with those pressures. Three City Council seats are up for election and we have the opportunity to provide continuity as well as new perspectives and fresh ideas to maintain the community we have.

Continuity. Andy Beerman has earned reelection. He has led or participated significantly in major initiatives over the past four years. He was a leader in the change from incremental budgeting to Budgeting for Outcomes, a defined process that maintains fiscal responsibility. Why is this important? It requires Council to annually reconsider all expenditures and fund them according to community based priorities. This reduces automatic incremental cost increases and better aligns spending with community values. Andy has developed the relationships to facilitate the regional cooperation so necessary to ensure our future. His representation of Park City on the Board of Mountain Accord kept us at the table representing the interests of the Wasatch Back. Ultimately, very strategic participation got us the result our Council wanted. There was never going to be a tunnel.

Perspective. Nann Worel is a proven consensus builder. Her community involvement resume is extensive and demonstrates her commitment to shaping the next phase of Park City’s history. She left on her first annual city tour the day after she arrived in town. Her unwavering commitment to the underserved in our community is demonstrated every day as Executive Director of the People’s Health Clinic. In her role as Chairperson of the Planning Commission she repeatedly demonstrated her skill at bringing differing points of view into agreement. Nann understands both the large and nuanced issues in decision making. Our new General Plan was written and approved during her tenure. This in depth involvement will be important as our Land Management Code is updated and approved by City Council to protect our core values. She knows that together we can find solutions to our challenges

Fresh ideas. Becca Gerber brings new eyes to our challenges as increasing pressures (traffic, development, and density) require us to make a plan to keep park city demographically and socially diverse. She grew up here and has lived through the increasingly rapid growth of our town. One of City Councils ongoing goals has been to involve our younger citizens in city government. Becca’s representation of the next generation’s points of view will be an integral component of shaping Park City’s success as a resort destination while taking care of the community that makes it happen.

Each of these candidates have the complementary skills and the vision we expect in our elected officials. Often his ability to "play well with others" is overlooked as we make our voting decisions. These three candidates have repeatedly demonstrated that ability. This is an off year election and voter turnout is often very low. Let’s make sure all of our voices are heard and cast our votes for Andy, Nann and Becca on November 3rd.