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Guest editorial

Lisa Wilson, Park City,

I came into the Master Plan process late in the game. To bring myself up to speed I attended the Bond Hearing to gain knowledge. I was a blank slate and both sides gave good input at the hearing. I still had questions. I contacted the School Board with some difficult and perhaps annoying questions. The responses were immediate and well thought out. While working-out at the MARC two School Board members were in the lobby available to answer questions and take input from the community about the Bond. A Board Member couldn’t answer one of my questions on the spot and took the time to email me back. All my questions up to this point have been answered.

I have come to learn that the School Board did their homework, they looked at the research, they brought in experts, and hired consultants. Most of the questions some of us have already been asked, discussed, and answered during the Master Planning process.

Waiting another year won’t change much. What waiting will change is the cost of the bond will go up, the interest rates will rise, and our money in Capital will go down because necessary repairs at Treasure will have eaten into the Capital Fund. More will be spent on trailers at the elementary schools if we wait.

The Park City School Board is addressing the needs of the low performing students in the District now. Every year they wait is another year those students are underserved. This translates into continued low-test scores that make our district "look bad." The dual immersion students at the 6th grade level will not get the experience they deserve.

The School Board and Administration needs to move on. They have put a lot of time and energy into the Master Plan. There are other needs in the District that also need their time and energy.

The School Board will continue to take additional input, even after the approval of the bond. Design teams will be set up for the High School, Ecker, and McPolin. The goal is to have the best designs possible to avoid costly change orders. Change orders are what can add up fast and significantly increase the cost of construction.

Park City is going to grow in the future. Even though enrollment numbers didn’t go up much this year, development rights have already been approved in the City and County.

Thank you School Board members for being pro-active instead of reactive and addressing future growth with the new Master Plan. Thank you Board and Administration for doing your homework. We are fortunate to have such quality and dedicated people serving our community.