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Guest editorial

John White, Midway,

If the American public wasn’t so dissatisfied with the "do nothing politics" of Congress, Donald Trump would not be considered a viable Republican candidate for the Presidency. Money has always been an influential means of the wealthy to help elect and control decisions made by legislators, usually not for the benefit of the common citizen.

This fact is probably the main reason for Trump’s successful campaign for the White House. He does not need big money to support his efforts. The wealthy Republican establishment is worried about who will become their eventual presidential nominee.

The billionaire Trump can’t be bought and he marches to his own drum of ideas on how to run this country. Unfortunately, most of his remarks about national security, immigration, foreign policy, and revitalizing economic growth are nebulous and lack specificity to process and detail of employment. If he is specific about an issue, it is usually against sound principles of government and borders on the absurd.

World leaders are carefully watching the American political charade. Character assassination by some of the Republican candidates has brought American politics to an all-time low. Issues are not the main topic of discussion, but character attacks on other candidates and their wives seems to be at the forefront of Republican strategy.

Can you imagine if Donald Trump with his enormous ego and bullying modus operandi becomes the Republican nominee and is eventually elected President? How would he be received by other nations of the world? The American public would have no one to blame but themselves for the "Fall of the American Empire!"

The rest of the world is anxiously awaiting the 2016 Presidential election and America’s prestige and world influence rests upon its outcome.

Whatever happened to the political leadership in this country? Where are the likes of such leaders as Dwight D. Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy? Unfortunately, America is presently devoid of quality leadership. Why? It is because money has become the guiding principle to American political ethics. The British government has set limits on campaign contributions. In fact, campaign contributions for the Prime Minister’s position are set not to exceed $ 150,000 American dollars. It will take a courageous senator or representative to introduce a bill that would dramatically reduce campaign contributions.

Perhaps Mike Lee, Orrin Hatch, or Mia Love could be that person? Send them an email encouraging them to reform the contribution limits. If somehow the American political process could drastically reduce the amount of money that is contributed to campaigns, we might see ethical moral leadership emerge once again as it did in the day of our Founding Fathers. God help us all.

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