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Guest editorial

Michael White, Midway,

Let me say first that I believe America is politically leaderless today because potentially qualified leaders are disgusted with how money has become the focal point for campaign elections and has corrupted the ethical judgments of many politicians in congress. Nevertheless, the system is what it is and the American citizen is faced with having to choose between two candidates that have become the lesser of two evils for the Presidency in 2016.

We all know that Donald Trump is his own man and wealthy enough that he cannot be bought by the Koch brothers or any other super pac in exchange for favors when and if he becomes president in year 2017. That is Mr. Trump’s most appealing asset for many Americans. But his glaring weakness is that he says things that come to the tip of his tongue that are usually offensive or false and he later has to recant or re-edit whatever he said.

Trump’s enormous ego and lack of diplomatic skills will not fare well with other world leaders, let alone working with legislators in Congress to achieve his promise to "Make America great again!"

It seems to me and many others that the No. 1 trait we are looking for in a President is "people skills." Obama had hoped that he could create bipartisanship, but failed when the extreme right wing of Congress vowed to say ‘no’ to everything he proposed. Why does Trump think he can do any better?

The real problem and answer lies not at the executive branch, but at the legislative level. Changing the system of injustice must start at the bottom of our governmental food chain! That simply stated means term limits and voting for people that have expressed a willingness to compromise, regardless of party affiliation. Orrin Hatch and others like him who has been in Congress for 30 years or more are examples of what I mean. Politicians, like him, have benefitted financially over the years by simply being "the guy" in Congress that could be counted upon to do the best for the wealthy and influential, but not necessarily for the common citizen.

The problem is how do you get a longtime legislator to initiate a bill that would limit his or her time to serve in congress to two terms? Never! Our present "do nothing congress" can be traced back to legislators who’s only motivation is to be re-elected year after year, regardless of what is best for the country.

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If term limits were applied and a congressman knew that he or she would be gone in two terms, lobbyist and other wealthy influential people would not have the hold on them that our present system allows. Real change could occur, but only if we, the voters make sure that the incumbents are not re-elected after two terms. In this manner, we have successfully changed the system. Maybe then real leaders like Jon Huntsman and Kraig Powell would want to stay in politics. Maybe we would see a return to quality, ethical people wanting to serve the people. That would make America great again!