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Guest editorial

John White


Are there parallel arguments between the British majority protest voters to leave the European Union and the protest voters who follow Donald Trump’s agenda of radical ideas in order to bring back prosperity to America? Making decisions of this magnitude is difficult and have worldwide implications. Only time will tell if Britain has taken positive steps to improve their economy and the living conditions of the common British citizen.

Many political analysts are saying that Britain will go through some very tough economic times before the dust settles on this monumental decision. Probably the older British citizen will not feel a great loss both economically or life style. But, what about the young Englander; how will this referendum eventual affect their lives and career choices growing up in England? How will it affect the businessman trying to establish trading of goods with Europe and the rest of the world? How long will it take for England to once again become a world leader in European economics? The questions are endless and the answers are difficult and will only come to fruition in time. How much chaos and turmoil will prevail in the interim is yet to be determined!

Fortunately for the American voter, time is our biggest ally. We will know a lot about the effects of this referendum on the British people that will give Americans a better perspective of what the conditions might be if Donald Trump is elected our President in November. The polarization of political ideologies across America has created a congressional quagmire and the frustration of the citizenry continues to manifest itself at each election period. Unfortunately, the Trump rhetoric seems to only put more gas on a burning fire. It only exacerbates existing conditions that plague this country, rather than provide actual solutions that truly would bring back greatness to America.

As we are about to impart on the final stages of the political process in America leading to a Presidential and Congressional elections, let us listen very carefully to how the candidates answer the questions posed by out press media. Does the candidate truly answer the question, or answer it by posing another question! Does the candidate pose real and practical solutions, or does he or she provide words that are intended to inflame passion to a cause! It will be very interesting to hear how Hillary and Donald answer poignant questions at the upcoming presidential debates.

As for local and state elections, you have an opportunity to change the system that has been corrupting congress for years. By voting to eliminate longtime incumbents and voting for the challengers, you will in essence be creating Term Limits for our senators and representatives. A concept that many legislators give rhetoric to, but never action that would cause a term limit to public service. The positive outcome of this action by the people would not only neutralize, but dramatically reduce lobbyist influence on decisions made by our congressional legislators. Campaign monies would no longer be a determiner as to who gets elected. True democracy could be the eventual winner!

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