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Guest editorial

Dennis Dale, Park City

Park City was established in 1869 as a silver mining town. As the need for silver played out we got federal assistance to create ski resorts to save the town.

The resorts, their employees and Park City itself all worked together to make us a unique, world-class destination. All played important roles in making this happen. Park City’s enforced building codes ensuring an ambiance of a warm and friendly setting in which our guests relax and enjoy our mountains. Park City acquired open space at both entrances into town so as the new guests entered they could see and feel the differences that set us apart from the surrounding county. We have 300 miles of hiking, biking and riding trails in the city limits and the county has followed suit now with another 300 miles. We have preserved open space throughout Park City in which we commonly see wildlife.

Vail, please understand our reluctance to let you take our name. It has taken us over a quarter of a century to create what “Park City” stands for.

Wouldn’t it be better to work with us and come up with something like Park City Mountain and West Canyons Ski Area? Just think — you wouldn’t have to change the name of Canyons Drive again!

I had a guest today explaining to his friend that Park City still has a soul. I have guests all the time ask me why we are so friendly and accommodating. I’ve tried to answer but I think with the writing of this letter I can see more clearly now how fortunate I am to have been a part of this miracle of a dream come true. I can guarantee it didn’t happen without hard work from the forward-thinking owners of Park City Ski Area, Deer Valley Resort, mayors, council and members of Park City’s leadership.

The resorts and Park City assured us as employees that we were as important as any other part of the system in ensuring our guests have a great experience by solving their problems and making their stay more hassle-free. Little suggestions, like drink more water, wear sunscreen and take your coat off inside, how to dress in snow conditions, even queue attendants helping merge the skiers safely to the lifts. The management taught us many other tips that help the guest get along in snow country. Remember, skiing is a relatively new sport and packing all the equipment around is a challenge that takes some getting used to.

Some people criticize Deer Valley for pampering its guests. This is my “Deer Valley Difference” story: One day I showed up at Snow Park early. The ticket checker pointed out I didn’t have my season pass on. I turned and stormed off, deaf to the world and furious with myself. Park City Ski Area would have told me, “Go home and get it, dummy!” The ticket checker literally ran after me and grabbed me by the shoulder, saying, “It’s not that bad, bud, Deer Valley knows we all make mistakes.” If I have my ID they can look up my season pass and put a free day ticket on me. So, with a happy heart, I had one of the best powder days ever! I assure you, this consideration made me a kinder, more caring person.

There are a lot better thinkers in Park City than me. I’m sure they would love to help with your dilemma so we can get on and make this the best ski area in the world.

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