Guest editorial: In wanting woman to win, voters overlook Clinton’s flaws |

Guest editorial: In wanting woman to win, voters overlook Clinton’s flaws

Lucy Archer, Park City

It is amazing to me the number of Park City constituents that say they are voting for Hillary Clinton simply because she is a woman. These voters are willing to overlook the long list of dirty tricks, larceny and fraud Hillary is known for committing. The Clintons' history and 650,000 emails are being ignored by local voters. The manner with which Hillary has accumulated her wealth through her Clinton Foundation is unheeded and Hillary has received $millions from Wall Street for covert speeches in which she gave her support for corporate gain and the fleecing of American investors.

Indicators of Hillary's legislation are the disastrous NY state jobs plan that reduced more jobs than it provided; her 1994 deprecated Hillarycare Health plan was adopted in 2010 as the Obamacare plan, both a ruinous 1,342 pages of unreadable gobbledygook, costing Americans millions rather than assisting with medical expenses. Indicators of Hillary's inability to ethically administer her duties in office is the manner in which she destabilized the Middle East creating a hot bed for Isis and Russia to grow; enriched the enemies of America, and among other failures, her record in Benghazi.

The same women, who say they are greatly offended by comments made by Trump, are quick to forget the highly publicized 1970 to 2001 Bill Clinton sexual predator attacks committed against at least 17 women, bringing shame to the American White House and the Oval Office. Clinton the predator, and his wife the enabler, were found guilty of perjury and a disconcerting list of offenses, he was impeached. Together the Clintons created a war against the women he victimized.

The Clintons' mantra is 'deny, deny, deny' which translates to 'lie, lie, lie.' Hillary has perjured herself under oath 39 times, her financial connections and ability to manipulate the law have kept her many indictments from being prosecuted. Since 1969 the Clintons have maneuvered their activities to establish their position as being above the law, entitled, pillagers of American reason and votes. How many of Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals: How to Create a Social State" will be implemented before Americans grasp they are being steadily duped into a demonized pot of hot water that will alter their lives into poverty and government enslavement? The Clinton's represent greed, criminality and flaunting of the law. The Clinton's have little respect for people, calling them "Useful Idiots:" (Dems) "stupid, easily manipulated" and (Reps) "a basketful of deplorables." Only one candidate, an adherent to the American Dream, can make America Great Again! Please vote for Donald J. Trump.