Guest editorial: Butler says campaign has been educational |

Guest editorial: Butler says campaign has been educational

Petra Butler, Park City School Bard candidate

In my quest for a seat on the school board, I have come to understand what an amazing community we have in Park City. The number of community partners that are available and willing to assist our school children is impressive. As I have said during my campaign, understanding what affects our children outside of school allows us to better serve their needs in school. Community partners can help the school district deal with many of the difficult issues that have never been tackled before such as mental health and substance abuse. I want to express my sincere thanks to all the community partners that I have had the opportunity to deal with. There are too many to name but I do want to specifically acknowledge Park City Advocates, PCCF, Promise Park City, Peace House, PC Reads, PC Eats, PCEF, Children's Justice Center, Holy Cross Ministries, Valley Mental Health, Peoples Health Clinic, Park City Police Department and the Summit County Sheriff's Office.

I also want to thank all the teachers who shared their ideas and concerns with me. It was truly encouraging and enlightening to hear stories of how teachers were able to engage certain students by thinking outside the box. It was also disheartening to learn that many teachers feel undervalued due to a lack of respect and overwhelmed due to a lack of resources. We truly have some of the most dedicated and qualified teachers in our community. Their ideas and input are critical to ensure the district moves forward.

I would also like to express my sincere thanks to the Park City community especially District 3. I spent many days walking neighborhoods and knocking on doors. Some people invited me in for lunch and others offered me refreshments. The conversations focused on issues such as the bond, budget, superintendent, drugs and mental health. I learned so much by simply talking to people in the community and listening to their concerns. I also got to know people in the Latino community and hear their concerns. I think I am the only candidate who had flyers in both Spanish and English. I owe thanks to all those that helped me to understand the Latino culture (Nora, Ileana, Carmela, Zulema and Franco) and who translated for me.

I would like to thank all the administrators for their time. It was interesting to learn what issues and concerns there are at each school. It was wonderful to hear of all the student's accomplishments as well as their struggles. Due to my background, administrators were very upfront with many of the current issues students are facing I especially want to thank Todd Hansen for his help in understanding the issues specific to Treasure Mountain and providing me with a tour. I would also like to thank Todd Hauber for answering all my questions regarding the budget. As a management official for the FBI, budgeting with stringent oversight and documentation was a significant part of my job. I hope to bring this fiscal experience to the school board.

Lastly, thanks to Superintendent Conley, Tania Knauer, J.J. Ehlers, Julie Eihausen, Nancy Delaney-Garrison, and Phil Kaplan for all their efforts on the school board. I have had the opportunity to interact with and watch this school board work together as a team.

Experience does matter. My extensive law enforcement experience in both the Secret Service and FBI includes years of protecting and working for children; management of significant investigative budgets; prioritization and allocation of manpower; developing domestic and international cyber related policies; extensive community outreach; effective management during life and death crisis situations; and building countless partnerships.I have the experience and qualifications to effectively execute the duties of the board regarding budget, policy, liaison and oversight. I also bring an unmatched depth of knowledge and understanding to mitigate the threats and challenges facing today's students. Thank you for your support. Let's win this election.