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Guest editorial

Current presidency puts the U.S. at risk

America changed suddenly on Jan. 21. The change had been coming for years but many people, like me, didn’t take it seriously enough. I, like those many other people, felt America dividing in ways that, though alarming, seemed trivial. A radical faction of nationalists and populists were gaining a voice on talk radio and some news networks. So, I thought? There are so many good people in this country, this is such a strong and wonderful place we could never trample our own principles. We could never seriously consider banning people who are different from us, could we? A nation of immigrants? Not possible. We could never elect a leader who didn’t care about the values that for over two centuries have made us what we are, could we? We’re too smart to listen to someone who blatantly lies; insults minorities, women and disabled people; cheats his business associates; and cares more about his personal popularity than America itself, aren’t we? I was so very wrong.

We’re now facing the greatest challenge in generations. Instead of an enemy beyond our borders we’re facing an enemy from within. This enemy is more dangerous than any we have faced before because this enemy has the power to destroy the fabric of our lives. This enemy, under the guise of making America better, is set to ruin what may be the greatest nation in the history of the world. And to make matters worse this enemy most likely doesn’t realize the damage being done, nor does he care. This enemy has no principles or ideology, this enemy has no grand plan or any particular skill, this enemy has only one goal and that is personal power. Now that he has ultimate power, though he does not entirely know what to do with it, he is exercising it in erratic and nonsensical ways.

Until now the President of the United States has been the most powerful man in the world. This awesome power comes with immense responsibility; the man we have put in power does not realize this nor does he care. Because the most powerful man in the world happens to run our country this means we, as a nation, garner tremendous respect and hold much sway over how the world keeps itself together. As the world awakens to the New America there is much fear and trepidation which is anything but good. World leaders, both friends and enemies, sense both danger and opportunity. Nature abhors a vacuum; the vacuum being created by the loss of leadership from America is more dangerous than any other we could possibly face. This man, though he may be powerful now, and though he may have at his disposal the most awesome military might in the history of the human race, is set to squander it all for pride. The world will not sit idly by as a narcissist decrees incomprehensible doctrine upon his own citizens and the rest of humanity.

The void will be filled and it will not be by someone as magnanimous as previous American presidents. It will be filled by someone who craves power just as much as our current president but who actually seeks to change the world in specific ways which most likely will not gel with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If there has ever been a time to rise up and fight for our cherished American way, a time to hang on to what has given so many millions so many opportunities, a time to protect the refuge our nation has been for so many of the oppressed of the world, that time is now.

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