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Guest editorial

A political fairytale revisited

President Trump during his campaign for the 2016 White House, made what appeared to many of his non-supporters, to be radical and absurd promises. Not having any experience in government affairs, let alone being President of the nation, everyone was wondering what kind of leader he was going to be? What if Trump, after being installed, realized that it was a much more complicated job of running the country and fulfilling campaign promises than he thought? So, let us do a scenario of what ifs…

What if he chose for some of his cabinet members, three or four top ranking Democrats to head the Departments of Labor, Interior, Education, and Environmental Protective Agency? Might this be a first step in bipartisanship politics and lead to the depolarization of the citizenry?

What if he, after an in-depth study of Obama healthcare, decided to not repeal and replace the entire Affordable HealthCare Act, but to keep the best parts and improve upon the weakness of the Act? Sort of not throwing the baby out with the bath water! That would alleviate some of the fears that citizens are experiencing about losing their healthcare insurance.

What if he after conferring with advisors about rolling back all of Obama’s federal regulations on the banking and financial institutions, chose to keep only the ones that most protect citizens from another 2008 disastrous housing market crash?

What if he after conferring with many scientists about climate change and its effects on environments across the world, reversed his thinking and decided to keep some of the federal restrictions placed on industries disposing of their waste and polluting the rivers and air. Perhaps that would reduce the fears of many citizens who desire to have clean air to breath and clear water to drink.

We could go on and on about what ifs, but the reality is, that is not the persona of President Trump. The first month of his presidency has been, to many, a chaotic series of disastrous events and cabinet member nominees. His National Security Advisor had to resign because of his lying to officials about his previous involvement with the Russians. His ban on Muslim refugees was found by the Federal courts to be basically unconstitutional. His choice of E. Scott Pruitt to head the Department of EPA is under heavy scrutiny by the courts, inasmuch as when he was Attorney General of Oklahoma he had hundreds of email documents with the gas and oil companies. The ultimate issue surrounding Pruitt’s appointment is the fact that he has filed several lawsuits himself against the EPA in Oklahoma. He now has been ordered by the court to release these hundreds of e-mail documents that have him involved with the oil and gas industry.

The jury is still out about this president. The question remains, can he really change or will he remain the egotistical maverick republican that he so convincingly portrays? Based on his first month’s performance in office, I would say this country is more polarized than before, but he has managed to accomplish one thing, and that is in definitely energizing more citizen involvement in our political process.

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