Guest editorial: Tom Clyde chastised for Pelosi comment |

Guest editorial: Tom Clyde chastised for Pelosi comment

An open letter to Record columnist Tom Clyde

Celeste Raffin, Park City

Normally I am a fan of your column "More Dogs on Main Street." I look forward to reading it every Saturday and, sometimes, it is one of the reasons that I continue my subscription to The Park Record. But in your column entitled "The strange case of Jeff Sessions" you blew it. I am referring to the line regarding Nancy Pelosi "77 years old and fresh from her botox treatment." I am so disappointed.

You see Tom, women in this country have a huge problem. We are told from the day we are born to the day we go back into the grave that if we are not beautiful, size two, have a face devoid of wrinkles, the right sized boobs (and they better be perky) and of course perfect white teeth, that we have no value. We are continuously bombarded by this message, from industry, media, society, and sadly even from other women. We are valued based on how we compare to the unattainable standards of beauty of a few very lucky women who have somehow won the genetic lottery. But even they are not immune from criticism and comparison to other women.

The best part is that when we try to improve our looks whether by hair coloring, makeup, makeovers, diet and exercise to more extreme measures such botox and plastic surgery we are ridiculed. God forbid that we commit the horrible crime of having birthdays and actually aging. It has become a national pastime to diss prominent women based on their personal appearance and totally ignore their beliefs or actions. And when these women cave and try to improve their looks they get slaughtered again by the press. No wonder women are so crazy!

In this country, a woman's personal appearance has become the major factor in determining her destiny. It affects her career advancement, relationships, and social and economic status. It is the benchmark of how she is perceived in this country. The press doesn't care about a woman's accomplishments, her ideas, or her beliefs, but rather how she looks in her suit. Should she really have worn white?

I am so tired of America's fixation on personal appearance. I want to know about our politicians’ actions. What did they do yesterday and today, and what do they have planned for tomorrow. I do not like Donald Trump, but I want to know what he is doing and how these actions might affect our country, not if he resembles a Cheeto. Your comment about Nancy Pelosi is no different and equally as bad as President Trump's horrible statements about bleeding from facelifts, or parody of a journalist's nervous disorder. It is mean, bullying, off the point, and completely unacceptable. And the incessant bullying from the media is shooting us all in the foot because it is keeping talented intelligent women and men out of public office who could be wonderful but stay away because they simply can't bear the idea of the constant public scrutiny regarding their personal appearance. We get the relationships that we ask for and whether or not we like someone's ideas we have to respect them for having the incredible courage of conviction that it takes to run for public office in this country. If we want our leaders to act with courtesy and respect we best treat them that way as well. Yes, be vigilant, question and criticize their words, policies, and actions, but leave personal appearance out of it.

Come on Tom, you are much better than this.