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Guest Editorial

MIKE ANDREWSDelegate to the Utah State Democratic 2006 Convention

To say that I am chagrined over the kind of conduct, actions and statements of a purported leader of our party that I have witnessed in the past several months here in Summit County is an understatement.

As the elected leader of our party, the chairman has an obligation to represent all Democrats, be they conservative or liberal. He has an obligation to put forward the public face of our party as one that pursues the highest ideals of representative democracy and he has an obligation to further the goals of our party and not his own agendas or those of his supporters. He needs to remember that the best quality of a good county leader is that no one knows who he is. They only know the results he gets!

I read the words of Summit County Democratic chairman Weyher as reported in last Wednesday’s Park Record with incredulity and shock. He stands indicted and convicted by his own words of the charge of failing as the leader of the Democratic Party of Summit County and a standard bearer of the values we espouse.

I would submit that our chairman has publicly espoused ideas, actions and beliefs which are contrary to the very nature of representative government, let alone the principles of the Democratic Party. His comments reflect a belief that government is nothing more than a commodity to be bought and sold on the open market to the highest bidder, one of whom he admits to being.

His actions in trying to force the executive committee to take a Democratic Party position for all Summit Democrats on the issue of the form of government in our county is a blatant abuse of his authority and power. It is an action designed to further his beliefs at the expense of party unity; an action designed to allow him to exercise dictatorial power over the beliefs of all Democrats in the county. This is an issue that divides not along party lines but within parties. Rob Weyher, through his actions and pronouncements, has surrendered all rights to serve in the capacity of chair of the Summit County Democratic Party. I call upon Mr. Weyher to immediately resign his position.

The Executive Committee and the Utah State Democratic Committee should take whatever actions are appropriate and legal to prevent him from acting as a spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Summit County. If necessary, the county Democratic committee should be convened in a special meeting for the purpose of removing him and naming a successor.

Let there be no mistake. This is not an issue of disagreement over varying views on different issues. A Democratic leader who brags about not having to pay taxes for the past three years because the Republican president made it possible for him to feed at the trough of obscene tax cuts has no right in my view to call himself a Democrat – either a conservative one or a liberal one! Fortunately, he doesn’t have a son or daughter who has been asked to make the ultimate sacrifice so he can enjoy engaging in political self-aggrandizement.

Mr. Weyher, resign now! You are out of touch with the vast majority of Summit Democrats.

Executive Committee members, take a bow for soundly defeating his proposal (9-2) to dictate how Summit County Democrats should think on the issue of county governance. As it should be, the voters will cast their collective judgment on Nov. 7.

And fellow Democrats, fear not. You won’t find a picture of Bush and Cheney hanging in my office!

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