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Guest Editorial

1. The registered voters residing in Eastern Summit County consistently turn out at a rate of 80 to 85 percent each and every election. The voters of western Summit County — Park City, Snyderville, Summit Park, Kimball Junction area — turn out at a rate of 40 percent or less, other than in a presidential election year!

2. Opposition to increasing the number of Summit County Commissioners from three to five and hiring a county manager to administer a $40-million budget and oversee 300 county employees is centered in eastern Summit.

3. Various special interest groups are among those leading the campaign to defeat the proposed change in government. They have contributed financial support to bring out voters in opposition to the proposed change. The outcome they seek is in their interest, not ours.

4. Commissioner Bob Richer – our most experienced elected official – is up for re-election and, while he supports the proposed change in government, he has continuously worked to assure that we, the voters, make this important decision in this November’s election.

5. Many of those who oppose the change may also oppose Bob Richer by voting for his nameless, faceless and totally inexperienced opponent.

6. If the usual voting pattern is repeated, we can expect that the East Side opponents to the change will have a better-than-even chance of defeating the proposed change in government as well as Commissioner Richer, resulting in a majority of the commission from the East Side to control the entire county.

7. Those who take the time to vote are the ones who get to call the shots!

Bob Richer has been one of Summit County’s most dedicated public servants. He has worked for all of us regardless of party affiliation or where one lives in the county; he is a good listener and weighs all opinions and gathers the facts before he makes a decision; he is committed to a government which is responsive to its citizens; he is not beholden to special interest groups of any kind; he deserves to be re-elected on the basis of HIS record.

The demographic studies say that you are among the most educated citizens of our state.

So why is it you don’t consider your vote as important as residents on the East Side of our county do? Are you lazier than they? Are you more apathetic than they? Are you busier than they? Or, do you prefer to let the others make the decisions affecting your quality of life for you?

This November, I will cast a vote in a general election for the 49th time – I have never missed a vote and I never intend to miss one. So, I ask you, my fellow citizens, to please take the time to register and to vote and to be a part of the largest turnout of Summit County voters ever – to be a part of the democratic process.

I will be voting for a responsive, experienced Bob Richer not a nameless, faceless, inexperienced opponent.

I will be voting for a change in government to protect our quality of life from the special interests bankrolling the opposition to a more responsive government.

I ask you to take the time and make the effort to be informed and to vote in this most important election for the future of Summit County.

The important decisions made this Nov. 7 need to be made by all voters of Summit County, not just those who decide to show up. Will you be there?

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