Guest editorial: A country can’t just declare bankruptcy |

Guest editorial: A country can’t just declare bankruptcy

Note to Trump: Being president is not like being a CEO

In the nursery rhyme, Chicken Little tells Henny Penny that the sky is falling which implies imminent danger or disaster. In our present political climate, it seems like every day someone is shouting ‘The sky is falling,’ implying that President Trump has tweeted another offensive message about someone or written another executive order that is designed to enhance the wealthy at the expense of the middle class.

Prior to the 2016 presidential elections, voters, who felt angered over their lack of economic opportunities, listened to and believed the promises of candidate Donald Trump. After his first 100 days in office, I wonder what their assessment of President Trump’s fulfillment of those promises, are today. I am sure that even some loyal Trump supporters will agree that his lack of diplomatic experience in foreign affairs, coupled with his emotional flip flop on positions regarding NATO, Syria, Iran, China, and Russia, have caused many Americans as well as our allies to fear the future well-being of the free world.

As for his domestic promises, I wonder if his supporters still have high expectations of his making America great again in the near future. As of this date, under his executive leadership, we have seen failed attempts in health care reform; banned Muslim immigration reform; China trade negotiation reform; the reversal of his position to drop out of NAFTA agreement; having Mexico pay for the construction of the wall; no attempt at implementing a bill for the infrastructure construction of our highways, bridges, and airports; and his one-page tax reform proposal which is only a tax cut for the wealthy. So, what has he managed to accomplish for the working class. He has managed to get Neil Gorsuch, confirmed to the Supreme Court; he has written several executive orders that propose to dismantle many of Obama’s safeguards regarding Wall Street, Banks, EPA, and National Parks; He has reduced federal spending by firing 146 lawyers from the Justice Department and by not filling various vacancies of non-political career workers in the Justice department, thus saving taxpayers’ money! However, I wonder what it costs the taxpayers for him to stay at his resort in Florida?

I am sure that his supporters believe that operating a highly successful business qualifies him for the office of the Presidency. However, a person cannot simply declare bankruptcy if things do not go well. The consequences of an ill-conceived emotional response to some domestic or international problem can be catastrophic. His egotistical attitude concerning North Korea, stating that we should stop using placating rhetoric and employ a show of American military power, is frightening. His arrogant persona and issuing ultimatums, rather than working for diplomatic solutions to control the aggressive behavior of North Korea’s emotionally unstable dictator, could lead us to war!

In conclusion, it is important that we not take what President Trump says literally, because he says whatever you want to hear, but rather what he does. His actions thus far, seem to be focused on the wealthy and not the ordinary working man, who heavily relied upon his promises as a rationale for voting for him. Finally to paraphrase Gore Vidal, noted author and political analyst, “when a person faced with injustices says ‘no’ and when the no grows into a chorus of people saying no loud enough … people march!” It is time for the middle class to march and confront our legislators at town hall meetings or at the ballot box!

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