Guest editorial: Brady and Belichick are cheaters! |

Guest editorial: Brady and Belichick are cheaters!

Zach Farnsworth, , 6th Grade Language Arts, Ecker Hill Middle School

Eleven out of the 12 balls were found de ated by two pounds each in the AFC

Championship game between the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts. You’d thinkat this this level of play, players and coaches would be smart enough not to cheat, but obviously not. "11 of 12 balls under-in ated can anyone spell cheating#Just Saying," tweeted Hall of Famer Jerry Rice.

This tweet was sent out right after the news was released. The Pats aren’t

going to the Super Bowl because they are good, but because they cheated!

Sometime last year, Tom Brady was at a news conference after one of his regular

season games. The reporter asked Tom if he preferred under-in ated balls or regular in ated balls. Mr. Brady said that he prefers the balls about two pounds under regulation. "It helps me grip the football."

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Later research shows that the weather could have affected the ball, but if so, then it would have affected the Colt’s balls too. ESPN insider Adam Schefter reported that the game balls were indeed de ated. Colts Safety Mike Adams twice intercepted Tom Brady and gave the balls to the equipment manager to save. He himself said that they felt under in ated.

Although, some critics like Mike Reiss think there are not enough facts to say that the Patriots did it, but realistically, you only need a few facts to gure this out. They are taking this way too seriously. The facts don’t lie. Some of the best to ever study the game think the Pats cheated.

Hall of Famers like Jerry Rice and Don Shula said they cheated, and Don Shula even nicknamed Bill Belichick as Bill Belicheat. Its hard to disagree with people who know more about football than some Sportscenter analysts.

This entire situation isn’t anything new for the Patriots. Against the Colts in the regular season, the balls that Mike Adams intercepted from Tom Brady were later found de ated. In 2007, the Patriots were caught spying on the other team’s defensive coordinator. This was known as Spygate. In 2002, there was a controversial call that was decided by the "tuck rule."

The referees decided that the tuck rule did not apply to the play, but the review clearly showed that Brady stopped his throwing motion before the ball came out. Many say the Patriots bribed the referees. Supporters say none of this cheating that’s going on is true, but multiple facts prove that the Patriots are cheaters. !

Bill Belichick held a press conference about the situation and couldn’t have been more

childish. When he was questioned about the under-in ated balls, he simply said, "Ask Tom."

How foolish does that sound? He sounded like a child. As an NFL coach, he needs take responsibility and answer the questions. Tom isn’t being mature either. When speaking with the media, he hardly says anything. Supporters say that he is just getting ready for the Super Bowl, but we all know that he is just trying to hide so he doesn’t get caught. !

As a rule, players and coaches in the NFL should exemplify moral behavior. Cheating, lying, and refusing to discuss this topic is immature and lacking in ethics. While there may not be conclusive evidence that the Patriots cheated, the majority of the facts point to their guilt.

The Patriots are cheaters!