Guest editorial: Council owed an apology |

Guest editorial: Council owed an apology

Kathy Meyer, Park City,

While reading The Park Record online I was stunned. Amidst serious headlines including a school official allegedly distributing porn and a man accused of selling cocaine on Main Street was the headline that a "Bullying claim" was "leveled against a Park City official" in regards to the school bond. I have been listening to the dialogue back and forth about the school improvement bond and I’ve personally attended many of the meetings. This has reached a level of such absurdity that I feel compelled to speak out.

I believe I was present for the conversation Mr. Humbert references in the article. The said City Council representative was not "encouraging bullying" he was standing at a parade having a conversation with a school board member about the democratic process of the school bond. I was floored to read the article as I witnessed the entire conversation firsthand. Mr. Humbert is frankly using his interpretation of this conversation (which he didn’t even take part in) to further his agenda. The bottom line is that we as citizens elect people to make hard decisions, like the school bond and if Mr. Humbert or anyone else does not like the decisions elected officials make, it’s quite simple, vote them out. That’s called democracy.

Mr. Humbert you took a conversation so out of context to get negative airtime that it is appalling. Remember, I was there and know the real story. You do a disservice to those who might have legitimate and compelling reasons to be against the bond. The issue of bullying is a very serious matter and as a self-proclaimed "expert on workplace bullying," I’m sure that you must understand that a conversation at a parade does not constitute bullying. I have worked in the mental health field for over 30 years with teens and I can assure you that using this term in such a self-serving cavalier way is at the least petty and at the most, dangerous. I could go on and on here about the real definition of bullying but that will need another letter and perhaps a conversation if you’re up for it?

The grandstanding that has gone on by many (not all) of those against this bond is so disingenuous that we must call it out. I’ve heard that it will hurt wildlife, the process was rushed, that it wasn’t collaborative and now that it is BULLYING. Here’s the reality: most of those against this bond and the process that put it on the ballot don’t want a field house (which is a part of the bond) because it is near their homes. Mr. Hubert and friends, please stop inventing reasons why you’re against the process and just own it. After all, many of you live in the same area. The "not in my backyard" sentiment is pretty obvious to any observer.

I am a private citizen, not a member of the Council or the Board of Education who was at the parade and witnessed this conversation. My kids will all be grown when the improvements come to fruition so in reality I have no vested interest other than setting the record straight and caring about the resources our students and families have in my town.

In closing, shame on The Park Record for making one man’s strange interpretation of a private conversation at a parade a news story. It does nothing but sensationalize legitimate and complex issues in an effort to get a headline and sell more papers. The City Council deserves an apology.