Guest editorial: Do you have event fatigue? |

Guest editorial: Do you have event fatigue?

Sarah Klingenstein, Cheryl Fox, Maria McNulty, Mellie Owen , Park City Special Events Advisory Committee

Phew! It’s shoulder season! The time for us locals to take a break from some of the excitement of summer in Park City, and get ready for winter. In your laid-back state, take a few minutes to ponder the past year’s events. Fourth of July – loved it, or not so much? When there’s a festival on Main Street, do you head uptown or head for the hills? Do you revel in the energy that comes with soccer/Little League/softball tournaments? Did you enjoy winter competitions under the lights at local resorts, or did you notice the traffic as you tried to get home from work? And how about the return of Autumn Aloft? Are you excited about it? If so, why?

We ask because the City wants to know — and has formed an advisory committee to discuss these questions. The Special Events Advisory Committee includes four citizens-at-large and it is OUR job to bring YOUR perspective to the table. Along with representatives from resorts and business groups, we have begun meeting quarterly to conduct "debriefs" of specific events, which staff and City Council will consider in approving or encouraging both new and recurring events.

Since well before the Olympics, Park City has worked hard to encourage everyone ("Please come and bring your friends, your events, your tournaments.") And we have knocked it out of the park!

Now many are using the terms "event fatigue" and "holding capacity" and they are asking:

  • Are all events equal in their value to us?
  • Which ones help out our local businesses the most?
  • What events do citizens enjoy the most, and why?
  • How long a shoulder season do we want to retain?
  • How else can we diversify the economy to lessen our dependence on the hospitality industry?

    The Park City General Plan states:

    For locals, the fall and spring shoulder seasons are some of the best times of year to get out and enjoy town. There are no tourists in town, there is less traffic, and there are great deals to be found at normally pricey restaurants. From an economic standpoint, these are hard times for Park City’s businesses. These periods of slow sales and low visitor nights highlight the need for diversification of the local economy.

    We all want our businesses to thrive. We also want to find a balance between busy-ness and the sense that this town is OUR town. The City’s goals of economic diversification can help in this, and we on the Committee are happy for the opportunity to advise the City regarding what we all think the "holding capacity" for events is.

    Please help us. The Special Events department has set up an email account for your opinions — Or you can write to any of the four of us at our email addresses below. Tell us what you like or don’t like. What effects you see particular events, or the accumulation of events, having on our experience of living here. Your citizen-at-large representatives will receive your message and carry it forward to this Committee.


    Special Events Advisory Committee

    At-Large Community Members:

    Sarah Klingenstein

    Cheryl Fox

    Maria McNulty

    Mellie Owen

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