Guest Editorial: Don’t delay on developing alternative energy sources |

Guest Editorial: Don’t delay on developing alternative energy sources

Zach Haskins

We need to become independent of foreign petroleum for oil and gas resources in order to lower gas prices and improve the economy, environment. To do so, it is necessary that our country works on developing other sources of energy besides natural gas-for mining oil can have environmental impacts even on our coastlines. Look at the BP oil spill among others over the years. I call forth Congress and the White House to work together on comprehensive energy reform through initiatives, legislation, and practice of sustainable development, environmentalism and efficiency.

There are resources besides oil that need be utilized. For until natural petroleum can be drilled and processed with a 100% guarantee of spill prevention, is it worth the economic and environmental risks? Regardless of whether or not a spill occurs, gas and oil petroleum are not environmentally friendly, for they cause smog, air pollution, water contamination, and ground pollutants, causing a threat to nature, organic, the animal kingdom, and health standards.

What are these sources? Solar-powered plans, nitrogen-hydrogen plants, fusion, fission, and windmills. This is all about clean energy, and our country needs to invest in it before it’s too late. We are already in the midst of global warming; alternative energy would be a step in the right direction. By investing in these plants, not only are we helping the environment and making the country a cleaner place, but since we lead by example other countries will follow and a worldwide emulation may coincide. Moreover, thousands of more jobs may become available to meet the needs of clean-energy in the United States and around the world, improving the global economy overtime. So essentially, clean energy reform is an essential initiative that should be legislated and endorsed by our government officials and passed by Congress and the President.

The measure for clean energy should tax-credit and benefit those companies or entities that convert to fuel-efficient standards, meeting carbon caps or taking steps to reduce or replace coal, gas, nuclear, or other toxic materials to the clean, green energies of green—windmills, solar, fusion, fission, hydrogen, etc. Moreover, on a global scale, the U.S. should collaborate with nations that comply with international climate change treaties to reduce the impact of oil and gas and improve the environment. Appoint Al Gore to head a commission on climate change and follow their recommendations and measures to the tee-for it would only advance the environment, economy, world sustainable development, and improve our energy needs.

We only have one environment, one world – global warming and the greenhouse effect would be irrevocable once it is too late but we still have time to change things around and take action today. The future is now!